Google Adds Sydney Public Transport Directions To Maps

The wait is over, Sydneysiders! Google has finally rolled out public transport directions for buses, trains and ferries to Maps. Oh, happy day!

As Angus over at Lifehacker Australia points out, other cities like Canberra, Adelaide and Cairns (WTF?) are already wired for transport directions via Maps, and now Sydney has been added to the auspicious list.

It's live right now, too. Plug in two points to Maps, select Transit directions and go nuts!

Now that these transit directions are working, I want a Nexus 7 even more. Can anyone send us a screenshot of Google Now directing you via public transport of a morning? [Lifehacker Australia]



    Also Perth! We've had it for 3+ YEARS now.

    Also Cycling directions for australia

    what no Melbourne :( ?
    public transport sucks here anyway

      Whaddya mean. We got trams !!!!!

      When's melbourne getting this anyway ? or did we spend all our budget on Myki leaving only enough for paper timetables. Anyone remember those old fold-able ones ? Ah the days of scratchies for train tickets. Collect the whole year and use them all over again next year.

    Still waiting for this in Brisbane. Come on TransLink, you promised this two years ago!

    Thanks for writing the article. :)

    Come on Translink!

    Well look at that.

    Tells you how long to walk to the station (0 minutes in my case which is about right) and then how long until the train departs. Very useful.

    So badly want Melbourne to be included for my commute to the city. Currently Google Now just tells me there's road traffic which is hunky dory but I don't drive to work!

    The actual navigation workflow is really good too, i.e. get off at x station, go to stand B and catch bus y. Get off at blah which is nine stops...

    Very easy to follow. I wonder how up to date the information will be. TripView for instance tells you if there are delays and track work but doesn't give the details. Will GMaps be that up to date, provide more information, or be quite static?

    I guess I'll find out.

    Given we've had it in Adelaide for ages, I don't know how you guys lived without it.

    I've been using Google Now for a week or so on my Galaxy Nexus, so Google have already worked out where my home and office locations are. I was quite surprised to see a notification when I looked at my phone on the way out of my house this morning, telling me that the bus I normally take is departing in 17 minutes, after a 13 minute walk to the bus stop that I usually catch it from.

    I also noticed that Maps now shows icons for Home and Work on my browser at work whilst I'm signed in.

    Public transport details plus Google Now is proving quite useful, but it's more than a little creepy.

    Just need it for Brisbane now!!!! Please hurry up it was so useful when I was in the usa

    Melbourne of all cities gets 3D view in Google Maps. WTF? Why didnt they give this to Sydney? Im surprised they still havent. But at least we now have public transport info in there, finally!!

      Sydney only has two interesting buildings and one of them looks just terrible. It's such a clustered city what's the point of doing 3D maps.

      Obviously they will at some point but I bet you'll only ever look at it once. Sydney is interesting at eye level... not from any kind of distance.

    It looks like the data is handed over to Google directly from Transport for NSW so it's feasible that Google will be able at some point to provide real time transport information including when buses replace trains or when there are minor delays.

    Be great if they added it for Melbourne... Pitty the iPhone won't have Google Maps as its default mapping software by the time we get Google transport info...

    Nice, Sydney Public Transport Directions to Maps peoples helps.

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