Gmail SMS Brings Email To Dumbphones In Countries With Crappy Internet

If you live in a country where internet connections are spotty, slow or non-existent, Google wants to bring you your Gmail via text message. On the Google Africa Blog, the Product Manager for Emerging Markets announced that Google SMS would launch in three countries today: Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.

If you're in one of those countries, you can switch the service on using your Gmail preferences. It's free, but standard data rates apply. There's no word on where Google might expand the project next -- or when and if it might come to countries like Australia where smartphones and fast internet are pervasive.

For information on how to set up Gmail SMS head over to the Google Africa Blog. [Google Africa Blog via TechCrunch]


    So if someone sends an email from a computer and it is picked up via 10 text messages, who pays the phone provider for those messages? If you have to pay for incoming emails via text it's a terrible idea.

    I heard that Vodafone are testing it in Sydney

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