Glowing Beacon Ensures You'll Never Get Lost In A Sea Of Tents Again

The next time you're trying to drunkenly stumble back to your tent on the second night of Bonaroo or Burning Man, the TentFinder will illuminate your home away from home so you can easily find it.

Well, as long as your tent isn't the only one glowing in a sea of hundreds, and you haven't lost the included wireless remote, and you can successfully navigate to within 50m of your abode since the remote has a limited range, and you installed a fresh set of four AA batteries before you left so the light's 23 LEDs don't dim before you successfully find your way home. As long as you can say yes to all of the above, the TentFinder is $US31 well spent. [The Monster Factory via The Red Ferret Journal]


    Yep, I didn't realize that Burning Man was so massive. I just watched Dust & Illusions.. (here: it's a documentary that takes a look at the 30 years of history of the event, and more towards the end, there are interviewees commenting on the tailgate-parking lot-trailer camp party that Burning Man is... didn't cross my mind. you always see those pictures from the art. And there are 5,000 bars there... "where you can get booze for free" another guy says. That's insane. I got to go there... Maybe I'll snatch on those lanterns, but it seems like a place where you want to get lost... and not find your tent!!

    Mate it's 5km across, something with a 50m range isn't really going to help - plus everything at burning man already lights up - so it'll just be one more light in the beautiful sea of lights that is Burning Man.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    I just stick a flag on my tent any time I go camping "in a sea of tents".
    Needs no batteries and has a range as far as the eye can see.

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