Give Your iMac The Gift Of A Touchscreen

Earlier in the week we brought you a look at the long-awaited ModBook Pro that brought touch to the laptop in a new tablet form factor. Now the iMac is getting the touch treatment, with a new add-on bringing swipey, touchy, feely goodness to the desktop.

It's called the Zooro Macsk from TMDtouch and it costs $US200 and five seconds of your time to install (if the demo is to be believed).

It fits over your iMac's front screen and discretely plugs in around the back. Once it's been laid over your screen, the plug-and-play device transmits touch gestures it sees from the panel and converts it into where the mouse position should be. It also supports a stylus for you sketch-lovers.

Love or hate? [Cult of Mac]



    How thick is it? Seems like there would be a lot of parallax

      From the vid, it has zero thickness :)
      The device is the frame, not a screen overlay. So no parallax what so ever.

    Looks interesting, if only someone would invent something like this that has a pressure sensitive stylus.

      You mean like a Samsung Series 7 Slate?

        even better with windows 8 on a slate

    Seems like it works extremely well as a touchscreen, but for sketching it would be far, farrrrr too crude for an artist or designer.

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