Getty Images Will Take A 20-Gigapixel Image Of The 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony

If you know a friend who is going to the London 2012 Opening Ceremony in London, you might want to remind them to wear their Sunday best. Getty Images and Fujitsu are building a camera rig in the stadium where the ceremony is to be held so that they can capture and stitch together an image that, when completed, will be 20-gigapixels in size and will see individual members of the crowd identified at full zoom. Creepy.

Fujitsu will be providing Getty with its CELSIUS R920 workstation to stitch the image together and upload it overnight so that people can start tagging themselves come Saturday.

What's a gigapixel though? Well one gigapixel consists of one billion pixels. The image of the Olympic opening ceremony will be 20 gigapixels — or 20 billion pixels.

If you're still not wrapping your head around it, check out this 40 gigapixel image captured of Dubai a few months ago. Make sure to zoom in so you get an idea of just how detailed gigapixel images really are.

Image: Henry Stuart

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