Getting The Best Aussie Price For Google's Nexus 7 Tablet

While the Nexus 7 started shipping today in the United States, Aussies will have to wait until the end of the month before the tablet will be available here. That doesn't mean you can't sort yourself out now with a pre-order and while you're at it, save a bit of cash on the purchase. To that end, which shop should you be hitting up for your Nexus 7? .

Ausdroid has done the hard yards contacting a number of popular retailers, including Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and Officeworks, to find out when they expect the tablet and at what price point. It turns out EB Games will be the best place to grab the 16GB version of the tablet at $298, if you're prepared to pre-order now and pick it up once it's out.

Where you probably don't want to buy it is Betta Electrical, with one outlet quoting $399 to Ausdroid.

Most places pegged July 27/28 as the release date, although WA's PLE Computers supplied an ETA of June 25.

Of course, you can buy it now directly through Google Play, with the 8GB model priced at $249 and the 16GB at $299.




    The 8GB model is $268.99 and the 16GB is $318.99 including shipping through Google Play.

    EB Games is going to have the 16gb version for $300:

      Dammit, I swear the article didn't mention it then I checked again and it had, sorry! :(

      Is it just me or have they jacked up the price onw?

      16GB for $318..

    Eb Games... seriously?

    If I was ever looking for this tablet, EB Games would've been my last resort.

    (But I have come to a suspicion it has to do something with their parent company, GameStop and Gooogle.)

      EB Games has been selling ipods, and tablets of a variety of companies for a while now. so I don't think it is to much of a stretch for them to take on this tablet.

    Just pricematch it at Officeworks they'll take 5% off the Eb games price

      It doesnt look like they currently supply it and am betting they probably wont in the near future either:

    Remember when industry used to blame high Australian prices on the exchange rate?

    Fifty dollars extra, plus postage? Now what do we blame?

      Well $30 of that $50 is GST so it doesn't seem too unreasonable. Probably not worth trying to source it from overseas, unlike many other products.

    I just got an email from Google Play that the item shipped. That's great! Except it's not. I made two support tickets from Google Wallet saying I want to cancel this order, and I haven't heard anything back. I was hoping they cancelled it and forgot to notify me, and now this. I am majorly pissed off.

      Ok, just got off the phone from Google Play, they're saying any support requests made through Google Wallet doesn't work at the moment. Seems like I needed to go through Google Play instead of Wallet. WTF Google?!

    Complete BS guys EB is selling the 16GB version of the Nexus 7 tablet for $318 fail much!

    I order mine through EB for $298 pick it up in the 27th of July. Can't wait.

    It seems like EB Games have sold out their preorder stock, the second shipment stock would cost $319.

    EBgames is offering free postage which sounds good. I preordered mine through HN before knowing I could do elsewhere. The deal on the EBgames page - is that available with all Nexus 7 tablets - ie. $25 credit and free movie?

    Dick smith are selling it for $269 and have seen it advertised through officeworks for the same and at Harvey Norman for $267. Must have been the ipad mini that brought the prices down.

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