Getting Drunk Will Be Super Easy With Water-Flavoured 'Air'

Do you like getting drunk but hate the taste of alcohol. Are you a vodka/soda guy (or gal) too impatient to mix a simple adult beverage? When you're drinking water, do you often wish you were drunk off your arse already, for crying out loud?

If so, it's possible that you're an alcoholic. But never mind that, for now. What you need to know is that a new beverage is about to arrive on the US market, and it will make their lives a helluva lot easier in certain respects. (And probably terrible in others?)

Air Premium Clear Malt Beverage is Fourloko's borrrrrring, carbonated cousin. A simple mixture, just water and alcohol (plus carbonation), Air is advertised to be an alcoholic beverage that tastes like water. 95 calories. A minimalist design. Four per cent ABV. And a patented process by which fermented malt is made colourless, odourless and without flavour. It's almost as though you're not really drinking at all. Or at least you can tell yourself that, while you drain can after bland can of the stuff. (There are berry and citrus-flavoured options, too, if you feel like getting wild.)

The product is set to launch very soon in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle, and elsewhere across the US after that. If Fourloko, which was not shy about being an alcoholic beverage, got yanked off the market for its delicious, delirium-inducing drinkability. Air's future is perhaps even more uncertain. It'll certainly be fun to try, though. And then go out for a real drink, of course. [Foodbeast]


    We already have this in America. It's called Bud Light.

      In Australia, we call it Foster's Lager.

        No we don't, nobody drinks Fosters.

    God.. What a joke, people who want to drink but don't want to have the taste of it should stick to not drinking, it would be better for everyone. Plus we need designated drivers..

      Totaly agree. No one should be allowed to experence anything I don't want.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    "And a patented process by which fermented malt is made colourless, odourless and without flavour."

    Can't see that being abused by anyone with less than honorable intentions at all....
    Alcohol that tastes like plain water...hmmm....

    Carbonated water tastes fkn awful though, seriously who under the age of 60 actually enjoys soda water?

      I do! And when the only house scotch is Red Label, I drink scotch and soda.

      I do!

      I love it and order it all the time. I'm in my mid 20's now but I definitely would have loved this stuff about 5 years ago. Besides the fact that it'll be encouraging young people to get obliterated which we don't need, it's a great idea for a product that should sell well. But of course it also depends on pricing.

    I can see a lot more spiked drinks as a result of this...

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