Foxtel On Xbox 360 Goes Nationwide

Good news, rural gamers! Now you can get Foxtel through your Xbox 360 console no matter where you are in the country.

Foxtel on Xbox 360 had only been available to metropolitan customers previously, but now, thanks to Foxtel's acquisition of Austar the product is available nationwide.

The new development brings over 30 Foxtel channels to regional users also connected to the Xbox Live service. If you're a die-hard sports fan, it's worth noting that for an additional charge, you can sign up for Foxtel's eight additional Olympics channels.

The service is still unmetered for Telstra BigPond customers only.

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    a shame the new UI they launched is clunky at best, and the volume, channel to channel varies more than teenager on a cell phone

      yes they really did destroy the interface. Id blame Microsoft though for pushing windows 8 onto the console.

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        absolutely - it needs an update which i can imagine wont be too far away ... channel volume is a major issue for me - UKTV needs to be at a full 50 level on my Panasonic 5.1 system ! and Comedy channel at a lowly 25 - imagine me switching on in the morning for my son to watch Regular Show at 8am only to forget the telly has been set at 50 thanks to catching up with Eastenders the night before !

        MOUSTACH CASH DAAAAAAASHHHHH ! (o whatever it is they say !)

    I'm tempted to sign up for a month to see what it's like. I don't think I'd use it that much though, only when my dads in his watching sky news for 10 hours phase. I should buy him an xbox for his room, sky news is free!

    I like how the new interface has kinect integration, but I hate the colour schemes. Its so hard to read!

    This is good - now I can go legit (I'd previously been getting Foxtel on Xbox 360 in a rural area using a footy oval in Surrey Hills as my registered address!).

    I used it for a few months but got sick of the disconnections and interrupts, as well as the low quality of the feed, making watching sport pretty horrible. Wasn't a great value proposition.

    Have been using it for the last two months and actually enjoy it. Usual things such as package selection limitations apply, but not a bad option with "catch-up" channels, and the price isn't too bad... Probably wouldn't have it if we had Netflix though...

    If you are living Rural, chances are you wouldn't have a fast enough net connection to use this.

      If you have 3G wireless with Bigpond its unmetered and capable of providing you with foxtel (just don't expect high quality signal)

      I live rural and get a solid 20mbps with a 25 second ping. Town population 850.

        He did say 'chances are', and most wouldn't.

        You are live in town you are regional, not rural

    How exspensive is it?

      $19.50 to get started - Comedy channel / MTV / NatGeo etc etc
      $10 UKTV
      $15 sports - which includes 8 channels of Olympics from next week :)


    My speed is the same as Daves, I live in a town with a population of about 1600, why do people asume that when you live in a country town that your internet speed is behind our city counterparts, I know people in cities that have problem reaching speeds that I am getting.

    So lets see whats on ... 30 channels, 10 shows a day, and i have to flick through 4 channels at a time and can see only 2 hours ahead. Its like reading a book through a straw. and having to unpack a new straw everytime I want to see the next bit. (on a 100 Mbit connection). The interface is SERIOUSLY bad. With a 50" TV I should be able to see whats on all day in one screen not 50. Unusable!

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