FOXTEL Arrives On Samsung Smart TVs

Set-top boxes and internet-connected PVRs are so five minutes ago. Thanks to a new partnership from Foxtel and Samsung, the future is boxless.

Foxtel and Samsung have teamed up to stream 30 channels -- including FOX8, Channel [V], Discovery Channel and FOX Sports News -- to Samsung Smart TVs over the internet. No more Foxtel box cluttering up your home entertainment unit.

We've known about this since January, but now it's finally here for us to use.

Packages start at $19.50 per month for the Get Started bundle. The bundle includes FOX8, Lifestyle You, MTV, National Geographic, Nickolodeon, TV1, Discovery Channel, Fox Sports News, Channel [V], Cartoon Network and Sky News National. Not bad for under $20.

You'll be able to add packages onto your Foxtel internet TV service from $10 for sports channels, up to $15 for either the movie or entertainment packages.

A $50 one-off charge will apply if you want to add the eight dedicated Olympics channels to your service.

It's a good idea from Samsung to get rid of the lock-in contract along with the clunky Foxtel box from your living room, but the downsides include the fact that the service only provides standard definition content that requires users to have a minimum internet connection capable of 2Mpbs down, and unless you're a BigPond broadband customer, the service will count towards your ISPs data allowance.

But the good news is that anyone who buys a Samsung Smart TV from now through to September 2 will score a free three-month subscription to the Get Started package.

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    SD only, on your shiny new big HD TV - what a waste of time.

      Considering the rediculous cost of satelite foxtel HD, I'd rather pay this much for SD.

    now add a DVD reader and Xbox360 on the back and your cookin' !

    Why can't Foxtel just sell single channels to users for, say, $4 a month instead of selling packages full of channels most of which I don't want?

    Oh, and I guess when the NBN comes HD content will be standard???

      that would destory their business model of selling you shit you dont want.

      yes yes your right

    I thought I'd found my next TV until you got to the bit about SD only. Also having to use Telstra to get unmetered content. A good idea badly implemented.

    I'm interested if it runs on last years Samsung smart TVs I'll cancel my Quickflix & go for that.

    Nice $50 f**k you fee for Olympics like on xbox360, nice work Foxtel nice work.

    so its the foxtel on 360 service for samsung tv's... nothing mind blowingly new here...

    i hope the software is quicker than the 360's latest update cause its total shite

    SD only? I have Foxtel SD at home, and the picture quality is atrocious. Can't afford the high cost of HD, and I'm seriously considering getting rid of Foxtel altogether. I mainly have it for the sport, but paying $100 a month for such a poor picture is something I am questioning.

    I'd love foxtel for MCE. One box to rule them all!

    Also: more details here: At lease its available for 2011 & 2012 smart TVs.

    Looking at the free sky news channel it seems a little better than SD to my untrained eye?

      I should add a disclaimer that I work for foxtel though.

    I cut my Foxtel cable (figuratively) about year ago after deciding the poor quality content and SD picture for over $80/mth was a ripoff. I have been using free to air and other sources since then and i can honestly say i have not missed cable TV one bit. I agree with April, when they start providing programming a la carte i will consider handing over my money.

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