Fancy 3D Wallpaper Is Basically Thousands Of Shelves For Dust

Some might see this 3D wallpaper as a clever way to transcend the 2D norms of wall coverings. But the more cynical among us, particularly those who suffer from allergies, probably only see these designs as thousands of little ledges for dust and allergens to collect.

It's not that we can't appreciate the originality of these designs. And to be honest, we're quite happy to hear the panels are made from recycled sugar cane stalks. It's just that we can't get past the fact that every wall that's covered in this material adds about two more hours to our cleaning regiments. In fact, this is one of those rare times when we would actually prefer the 3D effect to be entirely dependent on wearing annoying glasses.

[MyWallArt via Freshome]


    While I agree and wouldn't want one, a quick dust wouldn't take long. Actually cleaning marks off them though would pe a pita.

      Pita is delicious, though.

    ugh what if you get bored of white and try and paint that!?! hellllll no

    For home use this would impractical considering dust.
    However, I could see it being used in a more contemporary business setting or fancy establishment where cleaning it is part of someone's job.

    " panels are made from recycled sugar cane stalks "
    Ohhh nice and flammable then. Great way to increase the chances of your home burning down.
    I agree that they look nice, but completely impractical otherwise it would have been done aaages ago..
    Well, it was. Wood Panelling / fake brickwork ring any bells?

    I'm sure they'd work great at dispersing sound and help to eliminate standing waves on the front and back walls of your home theatre room, the audiophile in me would happily forgot an afternoon cleaning them every few months.

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