Facebook Groups Now Tell You Who Read Your Posts And Who Ignored You

Facebook Groups Now Tell You Who Read Your Posts And Who Ignored You

If you worry about who reads your posts in a Facebook Group, now you can breathe easy. From today, Facebook Groups will tell you — and the rest of the group’s members — exactly who has read the post. That could be either useful or creepy.

From now on, whenever an update is published on a Facebook Group, a running count of how many views it’s had will appear below. When anyone with permission to view the post hovers over the counter, a drop-down list will detail exactly who has seen the update. Eventually, it will say “seen by everyone” if each member of the group has bothered to read it.

There’s certainly a case for its implementation: it means that people can get an idea of who knows what and should streamline conversations. In particular, it seems useful for groups that are used to arrange meetings or events.

There is, however, a slippery slope here. If such a feature ever made its way to the News Feed or users’ Walls then… wow. Imagine keeping tabs on exactly who has seen a particular status update and you find yourself in a whole new world of neuroses. When TechCrunch asked Facebook about that possibility, a spokesperson explained that the Big Blue was “not going to discuss what we might (or might not) do in the future”.

So, as it stands, perhaps these Facebook read receipts are a good thing for your groups — but we’d rather it went no further. In the meantime, you’re going to have to think of a new way to cover up that doesn’t involve missing a Facebook message. [Facebook via TechCrunch]