Facebook Events Are Finally Useful

We've been inviting people to parties and attending other people's parties through Facebook for years and years and years. But only now are they finally easy to look at, thanks to a new calendar view.

The idea of putting all of your Facebook events (and friends' birthdays) onto a calendar within Facebook is so obvious that it's sort of sad that it took a "hackathon" until dawn to come up with it — but we're not complaining.

Instead of the current format, which lists events you have in the coming days and then jumps to "later this month", now you have all of your stuff in a nice big calendar. It's a calendar. Ever used a calendar? It looks like that — a bunch of boxes with things written on it and pictures of people who will turn a year older on that date. It progresses, inexorably, the march of time ever apparent. It's extremely useful, extremely simple and extremely welcome.

If you don't have the new look now, you should soon — Facebook has already begun rolling it out. [Facebook via VentureBeat]

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