Facebook Adds Gay And Lesbian Marriage Icons

Facebook will now include special icons for same-sex couples who indicate that they're married on Facebook. Just a few weeks ago, developers realised that Apple introduced same-sex couple emojis in iOS 6. The times they are a-changing.

Facebook Adds Gay and Lesbian Marriage Icons

Now, users who specify that they are in a same-sex marriage will see icons featuring two men or two women pop up on their Facebook Timelines on the date that the marriage became official. Last year, Facebook added the "In a Civil Union" and "In a Domestic Partnership" to its relationships statuses. [GLAAD via AllFacebook via Twitter]

Top image: Jeremy Hooper's Facebook/Good As You


    good on them, how about a religious biggot icon?

      your just as much a biggot for calling religious people biggots....you saying that makes you just as bad as them hey? seems hate isnt just a religious thing....

    Whats next a man and horse marriage icons? it's a slippery slope! (JOKING)

    Seriously - who dares tell me what is right and wrong! I'm dating my horse and I want an icon dammit!

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Dave, that won't stop people getting married overseas and as I am sure you are aware Facebook is a global site servicing hundreds of millions of people that have circumstances different from you. If you don't like gay marriage then don't marry a gay.
      I however look forward to when I can marry my partner Tom in my own country.

        +1 for this guy.
        I really hope governments catch up with the times with this issue.
        What is it now? 60+% of the country are in support, let alone quite a few members of parliament.

      You are one of the MANY Australians living in your own world. You think Australia is the world and the world is Australia.

    Dave is one of the MANY Australians living in their own world. They think the Australia is the world and the world is Australia.

    I've always said* that supporting gay marriage comes with a caveat.. When the time comes I want to be able to marry my future robotic partner, she may not be invented yet but damn it I just know I'll fall in love with her wise cracking quantum dilemmas! So I support you, you support me when the time comes and we'll all find true happiness ;)

    *By always I mean from now onwards of course.

    Hey Dave. I don't remember deleting your comment? I'm happy for people to express an opinion on this subject as long as it doesn't stray into the bigoted, abusive zone of conversation. If it does, I'll fetch my finest banhammer.

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