Explosion-Proof Torch Is Perfect For A Truly Terrifying Attic

Larson Electronics claims its new EXP-LED-51 rechargeable LED flashlight, wielded by a robot or perhaps an extremely tough fireman, can survive a bona-fide explosion. It's a little morbid, considering the torch could keep on shining even after the lights go out for the guy carrying it.

Rated rated Class 1 Division 1 and Class 2 Division 1, the EXP-LED-51 can't survive being strapped to a stick of dynamite. But explosions caused by gas leaks and other airborne combustibles shouldn't be a problem. In addition to being tough as nails, the torch also boasts an impressive 50,000 hours of operational life.

Battery life is another story. The company doesn't specify how long the $US320 torch will run at its full brightness setting of an impressive 130 lumens, but in its 50-lumen mode you can expect it to run for about 12 hours between charges. And at its lowest setting of a paltry 1.3 lumens, you can enjoy a whopping -- but dim -- 480 hours of illumination. [Larson Electronics via Engadget]



    As was said in Engadget, the torch is able to be used in areas containing inflammable gases and won't be ignighted by the torch. Such torches have an extra length thread and seals and other design features and is certified to industrial standards.

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