Everything You Need To Know About The Higgs Boson In Under Eight Minutes

The Higgs Boson is kind of a big deal. If it does exist, it could provide a key to unifying the standard and quantum models of physics. There's a press conference scheduled for tomorrow and it's looking like the boffins at CERN have observed a new particle. But what is a Higgs Boson, what does it do, and how does it work?

With the help of this animated short, UCI physics professor Daniel Whiteson breaks down the basics of this mysterious particle (or is it a field?) in a way even your parents can understand. [Vimeo via Open Culture]


    Great video!

    That was fantastic to watch! Amazing skills with the animation drawing - which also provided a fantastic insight into the actual lesson being taught!

    I am confused. I'll just keep calling it 'the real life Star Wars Force'.

      It's no less accurate that God Particle :P

    nice one .... can at least understand a bit now
    still dont really get how it will benefit us at the end of the day

    Brilliant video. It gave a really enlightening explanation of everything. However, I am wondering where the Higgs Boson would fit on the periodic table of fundamental particles. Is it to the right of the electrons and quarks?

    Fantastic explanation of why they regard this work as important, hope they are successful - whatever the result.

    Love the animation. Very well done!!

      Does anyone know the application used to draw the animation?

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