Don't Push All Your Freaking Foursquare Checkins To Twitter

Do you really want all your Twitter followers to know that you're currently at Dollar Rent-a-Car? I mean, if you do, that's fine. But at the least, they probably don't care and at the most they're embarrassed for you. We've established that you shouldn't arbitrarily push all your tweets to Facebook, and a similar maxim should apply to Twitter and your Foursquare Checkins.

Am I a ridiculous Twitter rule nazi? Or does it bother you too? Perhaps you have your own social media pet peeves. But I am prepared to listen to your reasonable arguments as to why it's important for everyone to know each time you roll up to the Home Depot.


    Yep. Some work friends of mine in LA used to do that constantly!!!!!! I can see a point to it in the context of work because it means it's easier to get a hold of people, set up meetings etc if you know their schedule... But it's still very irritating when you're reading your social feeds and all you see from some people are pointless, idiotic check-ins.

    I disagree. I agree on Facebook should remain Twitter and Foursquare free, but that's not the purpose of Twitter - it's to be as open as possible, or so it seems. I'm happy to push out my foursquare checkins to twitter.

    Are we going to the stage next where we'll be saying don't push your instagram/pinterest/tumblr posts to twitter?

    I don't have time to follow Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Foursquare and half a dozen other services (not to mention keeping up with my WordFeud games, fitting in a bit of Wordament and "normal" telecommunications).

    Since it's the KOTM at the moment, I only bother checking my Facebook feed on a regular basis. If you want your activity to be known to me, that's where I'll be looking. I'm sure many other people are the same, except Twitter is where they look.

    I agree completely. I've unfollowed plenty of people on both twitter and fb who automatically tweet EVERY foursquare checking, EVERY untappd drink, and EVERY instafail image. It's ok if it's just the occasional one that you want people to know about (and all three apps make this very easy to do), but every single one is just too much.

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