Do You Listen To Podcasts?

We had something of a collective revelation at the Gizmodo office: we never listen to podcasts. They were once seen as the great killer of radio, but they've instead become something more of a compliment.

Maybe we don't listen because we're perpetually reading the news, or we can't stand constant talking while we're writing, or maybe it's just because we're listening to music all day. Either way, it's just not a part of our lives. But what about you? Do you like them better than listening to the radio?

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    I've never understood the purpose of podcasts. They always seemed like a new name for an existing thing and, needless to say, I've never listened to one.

      I'm old. I'm old I'm old I'm old and won't actually try using something new, but judge it from afar despite having no actual reference point.


        +1 lol'd

        Let's see MM, do you watch DVDs at a time and place convenient to you, or do you rework your entire schedule to catch the TV shows you are interested in watching on FTA TV? And what if those DVDs were legally free and had extra content that wasn't broadcast on TV? And what if you could access those DVDs from anywhere that there was a net connection? Yeah.

        I love podcasts for the gym, driving, catching public transport. Any time where you would otherwise be mentally unoccupied. Makes life more interesting. Although sometimes when I'm at home and want to listen I have to find an activity, as I can't just sit there and listen, I have to be actually doing something (washing dishes, vacuuming etc).

        Can I put in a mega vote for This American Life? It's an awesome show, just about life in general. You really have to listen to it to understand. Don't be put off by the 'American' part of the title - it covers topics that are universal - stories like what it's like to be a foreigner in China, or stories about times when people have 'faked' something. I guess you'd call it a 'slice of life' show, definitely not current affairs.

      There was an audio based RSS feed before podcasts?

      I use them all the time... gives me fresh music I like, radio shows I like and I don't have to bother looking or downloading new stuff. Not to mention allot of them are free with no ads.

      You've never understood the purpose of podcasts, yet haven't listened to one? Well what are you waiting for! Subscribe, look, listen when you want.

      They are convenient and it's really nice to listen to something specifically for you on a routine where you get to decide when to listen to it and not have to tune in at a specific time. TechNewsToday and Cnet have to some really nice ones, but I also get the a lot of ABC podcasts that get updated weekly.

    I listen to podcasts all the time! There are heaps which you can't hear on the radio, which are fantastic! Check out Wil Anderson's podcast "TOFOP", or the satirical news podcast "The Bugle", by Daily Show writer/presenter John Oliver.

      Oh God you've just listed two of my favourite podcasts, Oscar. So much amazing nonsense...If you love podcast comedy, go get both of those.

        but .. but ..
        " at the Gizmodo office: we never listen to podcasts "
        Or is this JUST at the office?

      +1 for TOFOP

      I'm also into TOFOP. If you like TOFOP you'll probably get into "Uhh Yeah Dude".

      I'm always listening to podcasts on my daily train ride, often while I'm driving and sometimes while I'm at work.

    Often listen to The Morning Stream on the way to work and the bus back with something from twit, usually Tech News Today. This is probably how i get most of my news as i rarely watch free to air. comedy shows which mix up my listening include Weird Things, Hollywood Babble-on & Doug Loves Movies.

    Having the power to pick the content i want means i haven't listened to radio in 2 or more years.
    Spotify fills the gap for finding new music, having the Triple J hit list there means i can skip the current crop of crap Djs.

    I listen to a whole range of podcasts - as someone who is always travelling/ in transit, I find them great for having something to listen to and to hopefully learn something new. I don't think I've used a radio in at least two years after transitioning to podcasts.

    I listen to the podcasts of the radio shows i like but can't always listen to live. If I can hear them live then i don't listen to the podcast. Something to listen to during the work day instead of music.

    I have been using podcasts for around 4-5 years. They are my own personal radio station.
    They let me listen to commentary about issues when I can.
    I like having my radio station on tap when I want it.

    I listen to podcasts of DJ sets from radio stations or web radio, but I really don't see the point of a podcast from a normal radio show though. I don't want to listen to all the talking without any of the music.

    I listen to them all the time, mind you now that Twit is publishing their content via Youtube that is my choice of content delivery. However in the Car a stteaming Podcast is the way to go. Technology rocks.

    I basically get podcasts of Triple J's Hack program (if you haven't given it a listen, it's the way news/current affairs should be done), but never anything else.

    I've got a mate, however, who is almost surgically linked to podcasts.

      Hack is the worst "news" ever! But the best name for the show, cause it describes the "journalism" perfectly.
      Love Triple J but tune out when Hack is on...
      Try Background Briefing for the way investigative journalism should be!

        Respectfully disagree, but thanks for the recommendation - I will check out Background Briefing

        And I probably shouldn't have said 'news', I'll agree hack isn't really news, but current affairs.

    I'm more or less a podcast addict. Very few of my subscriptions are programs that I could listen to any other way, but even if I could, why would I? I tried to get into them a long time ago, using an mp3 player, but it's really since smartphones came of age and the programs began magically appearing on my device without me having to do anything, and then playing automatically in a predetermined sequence without me having to do anything, and then automatically deleting when they've been played, that the addiction has really taken hold. It's now just as simple as flicking on the radio, and I get great content of my choice from all over the globe which never dissolves into static when a tram goes past, and which picks up where I left off when I start listening again. What's not to like?

    I listen to podcasts more than music. I love them. Here's my list of what I subscribe to. I'll happily take any suggestions for new stuff too!

    The Bugle, Download This Show, Hollywood Babble-On, How Did This Get Made, The Nerdist, Now Playing, TOFOP.

      Also digging download this show and Dr Karl.

    The Nerdist, Idle Thumbs, Giant Bomb, Astronomy Cast, Dr Karl on Triple J, some IGN ones, Star Talk, We're Alive, The Comedy Button, Skepticality, Skeptoid, Skeptic Zone, Skeptics with a K, Inkredulous, the Escapist, and QuackCast.

    We don't talk much at my work place.

      Going off your excellent suggestions I bet you'd enjoy; Professor Blastoff (comedy/science), The Skeptics Guide to the Universe (science/scepticism), Probably Science (comedy/science) and 99% Invisible (society/culture/stories) check em out.
      +1 for FOFOP

    Actual Play of Role Playing Games - especially the adventures of Acquisitions Incorporated by the folks at PvP, Penny Arcade, WoTC and Wil Wheaton - as it helps learn the rules of a game.

    Also The White Wolf Podcast by Eddy Webb, which is advertising for their games but some interesting thoughts about transmedia.

    Depending on which writer is invited, The Nerdist.

    Podcasts have taken over the radio on my hour+ drive to and from work. They automatically download on my S3 each night ready for the drive the next day. Alot of US Atheist podcasts along with gaming as well, makes the drive alot easier.

    I listen to The Moth podcast. Real stories told live on stage without notes. Some are sad, some are hillarious. I really love them and it makes great listening on the bus to work!

      + for The Moth. It compliments This American Life and WNYC's Here's The Thing (hosted by Alec Baldwin).

    My life wouldn't be complete without podcasts. Indeed, my kids and I have a USB stick full of fiction podcast archives that we listen to in the car... Escapepod and Drabblecast FTW!

    As a DJ its brilliant. I can get the latest broadcasts from BBC radio 1 and 1 xtra. Also there are pod cast done from all over the world, such as Grant Nelsons pod cast from South Africa. Or perhaps pod casts from mark farina in the US.
    Podcasts FTW!

    Love my Podcasts. Freakonomics, All About Android, Linux Outlaws, Pulse by CNET, Nerdist, Verge Mobile, TuxRadar, TWiG, Ubuntu UK, VergeCast, GeekSpeak, ARS Technical, Mobile Nations, Full Circle, Radio lab, My Brother, My Brother, And Me.

    The day I learn to set up podcasts on my SGS1, I'll definately start listening. Currently its in the too hard, too long, dont get it bucket.

    I don't know why anyone would begrudge them.

    I primarily listen to football (soccer) podcasts. There is no substitute for the quality in commentating and analysis that you can get in any other audio form. Also, it makes a nice change of pace to constantly reading.

    I listen to them all the time. The majority of what I listen to are podcasts. Commercial radio is crap and with podcasts I listen to what I want when I want!

    TOFOP, Walking the Room & The Tuesday Club are all awesome

    Podcasts replaced radio for me some time ago - whether it's ABC news, tech or gaming discussion, language learning or comedy (will have to check out those recommendations, Luke) there's always "something on" and I can pick and choose at my discretion. It's great!

    I'm a bit picky when it comes to podcasts. I like listening to them for information and I find some are just too unfocused for me to really enjoy.

    I'm currently going through the backlogs of minute physics, comedy film nerds which is pretty self explanatory, star talk and I've just picked up this amazing podcast called welcome to night vale which is a radio play and is based around a radio presenter reporting on all the crazy, mystical happenings that go on in the town in an off the cuff, blasè manner.

      Thank you so much for recommending Welcome To Night Vale! There are so many carbon copy podcasts out there, this one is unique and awesome :)

    Every week, I listen to:
    BBC Radio 4 - Friday Night Comedy
    Riuchard Herring - RHEFP, AITOM, RHLSTP Warmin Up or whatever else is on
    Comedian's Comedian
    I watch:
    Twit - iPadToday
    Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged
    David Mitchell's Soapbox.

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