Did You Get Upgraded To Jelly Bean?

Google told Gizmodo Australia late yesterday afternoon that some Galaxy Nexus (HSPA+) owners will receive an over-the-air update to Android 4.1.1, also known as Jelly Bean.

So, did you get it? Tell us in the comments how awesome it is, or just rant at how you missed out. All welcome and all that.


    I didnt get anything (yakju device) so this morning I used ClockworkMod to flash the OTA file. JB is Bliss

      make sure u got 4.1.1 coz 4.1 is sooooooo old

      Likewise, used CWM to flash from 4.0.4 to 4.1 OTA then to 4.1.1
      With 4.1 my phone wouldn't connect to the Optus network, but 4.1.1 works perfectly

    Still waiting for it on Telstra. Apparently it's on a two week rollout, with customers chosen randomly. I only just got used to ICS too...

      Still waiting on Telstra? For Jellybean? You're going to be waiting for another 5 years. They're only just releasing 4.04

        I only just updated to ICS. I got sick of waiting for Telstra

      lol,got an evo 3d with telstra,haven't even got Ics yet

    Correct me if I'm wrong here - but I thought all Australian carrier varients of the Galaxy Nexus weren't Yakju based...? That being the case, only those who bought grey-import varieties (or flashed a Yakju ROM onto their device) would be in line for the Jelly Bean update.

      I brought mine through Optus, its yakju...

        You completely sure about that? Don't forget yakjudv etc are a different build.


          I bought my Galaxy Nexus from Telstra's online store, was a pre-order and it arrived a day before the release date. Was surprised to find it was a yakju and have only just been bothered to root it 'cos I had no reason to with the updates I already got.

        my stock (but rooted) Optus GNex is yakjuxw... No JB here yet.

    I have a grey import, and also have not yet received an update.

      I think some grey imports are CDMA and not HSPDA?

      If you're really keen for Jellybean, wait for a stock image to come out, or head on over to XDA and pick up a Jellybean ROM from a Google I/O Nexus device. I did, and it works like a charm!

    I've not clue what kind mine is. Got it through Vodafone. Where can I find this out?

    I have a grey import also, but I flashed the Google I/O takju rom onto it last week.

    I am guessing that 4.1 is the same update as 4.1.1? I am seeing articles that mention both.

      Not the same mate...4.1 was the first JB. 4.1.1 is the next incremental upgrade...i just got it via OTA today..

    Wife, mother in law & a mate are all on Yakju devices. None of them have got JB yet.

    Nope. Mine is still on 4.0.4 through 'ol Optus....Considering flashing, but that will void warranty...

    I only just got the 4.0.4 update via Vodafone in the last couple of weeks. So manually installing 4.1.1 atm

    I flashed mine from 4.0.1 to 4.0.4 (yakju) a few weeks ago because vodafone was too slow. Hopefully since I'm now yakju, I'll get it soon. But does anyone know whether flashing the GN to Yakju from a non-yakju will prevent receiving OVA updates??

      No - if anything, it'll help.

      So long as you have completely stock yakju (root is OK, but stock bootloader, stock radio, and no modified system apps), you'll get the OTA update.

        Stock recovery also...that is very important.

        Ok. Thanks a lot!

    I GOT IT!!! I am on 4.1.1 now...yeah...enjoying the butter :)

      Did you flash it or OTA?

    Still waiting on it, grey imported Galaxy Nexus. Last system update check was at 12:30pm AEST.

    Also waiting ... stock yakju currently running 4.04. No update found

    Yakjudv here. I think I'll be waiting a while on Samsung/Vodafone for an OTA update. Very tempted to flash it.

    Yakjuzs only got 4.0.4 I few weeks ago, and haven't got Jelly Bean yet. You guys speak of flashing to something different and getting the update, how does that work and what does it involve?

    could someone please tell me, do we get the android updates through our carrier or through Samsung/Google themselves..

    with virgin mobile.. and i dont want to root just yet

    Still waiting, based on previous updates it took a couple of days to get around to me.

    Flashed the I/O 4.1 preview the day it was released and flashed 4.1.1 the day it was released too... Wouldn't even think about waiting for Telstra.

      Where did you download the 4.1.1 files?

        Here you go, need to unlock bootloader but no root

        You need to unlock your bootloader
        Load, but don't flash CWM recovery
        Install the OTA updates
        Relock bootloader if you so wish

    Ha! No I did not. My gs2 only just received the ICS update on Wednesday.

    I just got it. If you go into settings - apps - all... then clear cache and force stop Google service framework. Check for update and it will find it.

      It's downloading now! Thanks you so much!
      But when you were downloading OTA did it say Android 4.1 or 4.1.1?
      Because mine only says Android 4.1...

        Damn I was excited to see this then I tried it... nothing, will have to keep waiting...

    I couldn't wait for Vodafone to "test" the Yakju build so I pushed the Google Takju 4.0.4 factory image and then CWM flashed the 4.1.1 update.

    Now I have a Takju so I don't have to wait for Vodafone for future updates.

    JB is noticeably smoother, with the Project Butter work paying off. The notification changes are good but not as awesome as I hoped. If you use G+ a lot I imagine it would be a bit more advanced. When other apps such as Facebook and Tapatalk are updated to take advantage of the notification changes it'll be more apparent.

    The Camera app updates are good and much more intuitive than the previous preview > context menu > gallery process it was before.

    Google now starts off a bit useless until it starts to gather some data from you. For instance it has started telling me information about my searches made on my desktop about stores and events and so on. If it starts including more detailed public transport information it'll be a lot more relevant to me.

    got mine...this morning....thax to OTA google update....and chainfire to change my build to yakju....

    Got mine OTA - As Clinton said, go to SETTINGS/APPS/ALL - GOOGLE SERVICES FRAMEWORK , CLEAR CACHE, FORCE STOP. Then check for system update. I had to repeat this a couple of times before it came through.

    PS Mine is stock Yakju ICS 4.04

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