Delightful Vintage Speakers Resurrected For Your Music Player

If you walk into any thrift store and wander over to the electronics section, you're likely to find an old bedside radio castaway amongst the discarded tube televisions, and 100-disc CD changers. This German company's taking those vintage audio electronics and turning them into gorgeous speakers for your smartphone.

These individually hacked-together speakers from Tombox are all about aesthetics. The company takes old speaker boxes and guts, and adds a simple volume dial to the side as well as a 1/8th-inch cable that plugs right into the headphone jack of your favourite gadget. Each unit is individually numbered and carries its own unique specs depending on features of the original enclosure. Do you want a wood, metal, or plastic? One speaker or two? The Tomboxes cost $US250-$300 plus $US20 shipping in Europe. You can expect to pay a little more if you want one sent to Australia. [Diefabrik via TechCrunch]

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