Dammit, Why Can't This Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker Just Be A Real Product?

It's about time for appliance and electronics makers to start keeping a small staff of artists on hand -- because there are just too many fantastic products being created by artsy types that will never see the light of day. Case in point: this fantastic custom waffle maker that leaves your breakfast imprinted with the famous Louis Vuitton pattern.

In reality, if artist Andrew Lewicki were to try and put this into production, he'd be sued into oblivion by the famous fashion brand. But if Louis Vuitton and Cuisinart joined forces to put this creation into production instead, they'd sell thousands of them. And given fools will apparently pay top dollars for LV-branded bags and purses, imagine what the company could charge for a waffle maker that makes stylish and delicious treats. [Andrew Lewicki via Coudal Partners]


    Bags not cleaning it!

      One good tip is to wrap your toasted sandwich in baking paper before toasting it, that way you dont have to clean the thing, just throw out the paper when you're done

    GAY WAFFLES!! Awesome!

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