Creepy Aluminum Mask Promises A Spa-Like Treatment In The 'Comfort' Of Your Home

So it turns out we actually shouldn't have been feeling sorry for the Man In the Iron Mask. Because during the many years he was held captive and forced to wear that oppressive facepiece, he might have also been getting a spa-quality facial if it worked anything like this bizarre contraption.

Japan seems to be a hotbed of unusual beauty products, and the latest device that promises to improve the look of your skin is this aluminium face mask that also prepares you for an afternoon of jousting. To use it all you need to do is strap it to your face for a given length of time, and then sweat the wrinkles and blemishes away. Since aluminium doesn't breathe, the mask basically traps a layer of high humidity around your face, which apparently is a good thing. And even if it doesn't work as claimed (which is most likely) for $US31 you're still getting a good start on one heck of a creepy Halloween costume. [Japan Trend Shop via 7Gadgets]

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