Coke Vs Soda Vs Pop, Visualised

The route to answering the big questions these days is to grab a bunch of data from Twitter and analyse it. That's exactly what Twitter data scientist Edwin Chen decided to do, putting together a map that shows soft drink terms used around the world.

In the map above (click for a larger image) blue indicates "soda", green indicates "pop" and red indicates "coke". Chen explains how he went about the task:

To make this map, I sampled geo-tagged tweets containing the words "soda", "pop", or "coke", performed some state-of-the-art NLP technology to ensure the tweets were soft drink related (e.g., the tweets had to contain "drink soda" or "drink a pop"), and filtered out coke tweets that were specifically about the Coke brand (e.g., Coke Zero).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the word "soda" is dominant in the US, "pop" is more commonly used in Canada, and "coke" is the preferred term in Australia. What's particularly interesting is seeing that the word "coke" has penetrated Europe in a way that the words "pop" and "soda" haven't. While that not only shows consumerism is alive and well, it's also a nice little reminder of the power of Twitter data to not only provide hard numbers but cultural insight too. [Edwin Chen via Flowing Data]



    No fizzy bubbler?

      haha yea what gives?

    People in Australia use the word Pop in relation to soft drink? I see green dots, but I don't beleive them.

      Grandpa's are routinely called Pop...
      I also reckon the "Soda" references are more likely to be talking about Soda Water or Caustic Soda than Soft Drinks.

        or creaming soda

      Bet you it's all those moronic hipsters trying to be cool.

    Now in the UK is that coke the drink or the coke up ur nose? What about Pepsi?

      Pepsi would of had a bigger hit across eastern europe.

    Yeah what about fizzy. In Tasmania its often referred to as fizzy cordial as opposed to water cordial. I found that quite strange when I moved here as a kid.

    I have never heard anyone in Australia call it coke as a general term for all "fizzy drinks". I almost universaly hear it called "soft drink"

      Agreed. No soft drink analysis?? The red dots of coke in Australia would no doubt be regarding Coca Cola... Flawed results are flawed.

        Yeah, would have been more interesting if they tracked coke vs pepsi vs sprite etc etc

    Twitter data scientist? Like that's a thing now? OK, so for a 'data scientist' he uses a ridiculous premise. First of all he uses a terms that are basically only used in the US. Non-one else calls it pop so why have a global visualisation. He hasn't even bothered to look at terms that are used in the rest of the world, like 'soft drink' that is used here in Australia.

    This sort of crappy US-centric 'research' shits me. And I agree. Any mention of pop in Australia would refer to a genre of music or to someone's grandfather. Do you think he actually got paid to do this?

    Aussies call it soft drink ya drongo!

    Quote from author: "Yeah, I was planning on doing this for the US only, so the world map was more of an afterthought that I should have spent more time on =)".

    Translation: meaningless outside of the USA ;)

    This may just be a thinly disguised ad for coke. Enjoy.

    In the States it's common to hear teh term coke used for all types of softdrink not just coke. I.e do you want a coke? I have sprite or fanta

    In Australia, we call Coca-cola Coke....

    As mentioned above we do not use the work in general reference to Fizzy soft-drinks....

    We Do not use the words Soda of Pop at all in general reference to aforementioned drinks....

    In Europe they do not use the word "Coke" they are more likely to call it Cola... (I have had trouble being understood when asking for Coke in Several European Countries... They understand Coca Cola, or just cola.... But again it is in reference to a specific drink., not a generic Type...

    The research is very flawed.... Most Aussies will call them Soft Drinks, as opposed to the Hard ones more often consumed.

    Maybe we should all call it Fizzy Bubbler.... (Orange -Pineapple flavour only)

    And in Scotland fizzy drink is either fizzy drink or "ginger" (irrespective of whether or not it's ginger beer, cola, lemonade etc.). Scotland is one of the few places in the world where Coke is beaten by another fizzy drink - Irn Bru.

    I'm pretty sure people from Latin countries dont use any of these words... Never ever heard someone saying Coke or Soda or Pop back home as well (Brasil)

    In Australia we call juice boxes poppers, hence we can't really use pop for soft drink.

      First time I've heard it. I call them juice boxes.

        I've heard them called Primas as well, which is a brand. But never poppers. Juice box or fruit box is what I hear them called mostly.

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