Cheese Could Reduce Your Diabetes Risk

If you tend to avoid cheese at all costs to keep your weight in check, you might want to think about including a little in your meals -- because a new study suggests that a those who eat cheese are at reduced risk of developing diabetes.

The research, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, considered the health benefits of nutrition on diabetes, taking data from largest ever study to look at the role of diet in health. The results show that cheese eaters are at a 12 per cent lower risk of developing diabetes compared to those who shun the fromage.

Why is that? Well, the researchers aren't entirely sure. Most other dairy products didn't show any beneficial effect, so they postulate that it could be something connected to the fermentation process involved in cheese making that triggers some kind of protective reaction when the stuff is consumed.

It is, of course, worth mentioning that obesity is an incredibly large risk factor for diabetes -- so eating platefuls of cheese in an attempt to avoid developing the condition probably isn't the wisest move. [American Journal of Clinical Nutrition via Telegraph]

Image by cwbuecheler under Creative Commons license

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    Not to mention eating large portions of cheese will block you up quicker than a shower drain in a Wookies bathroom.

    It should be common knowledge by now; Fat (good fat including Saturated fat) is much healthier than Sugar when replaced on a persons diet and becoming their main source of energy. Type 2 Diabetes has been REVERSED by doing this in the right way.

      Cheese has a GI rating of 0. Table Sugar has a GI rating of 60. Whole grain bread has a GI rating of 67. And they seriously can't work out why it could prevent diabetes?

    Original title: Cheese Could Reduce Your Diabetes Risk
    Correctes title: Cheese Could Reduce Your TYPE 1 Diabetes Risk

      interesting...especially seeing type 1 is genetic not lifestyle based.

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