Check Out The First Ever 4k Video From Canon's First Ever 4k DSLR

Canon's $US15,000 EOS-1D C is very much worth being excited about, even though you can't afford it, and probably don't want it. Why? Because it could jumpstart a new wave of incredible 4k filmmaking. Here's the first taste.

The video above — downsized to 1080p per Vimeo's requirements — shows what the DSLR is capable of. You can view the full 4k file via EOSHD, but even downscaled, it looks pretty terrific, besting the mega-good 5D MKIII. We agree with EOSHD in that the sharpness isn't as high as we'd like to see, but it's worth stressing that this video came from a pre-production model of the 1D C — in other words, beta hardware, which could be improved upon for a sharper picture by the time it arrives in the hands of filmmakers. Let's hope so — we all win if this thing kicks arse. [EOSHD via PetaPixel]

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