Camping Cutlery Adapters Make Your Marshmallow Stick Far More Useful

Most campers don't have the outdoor skills necessary to build a shelter, set a trap, or even start a fire. But there's one thing even the most amateur outdoorsman can make — a marshmallow stick. And with these cutlery adaptors, that primitive tool can then be used to consumer more than just s'mores.

Designed by Sharon Myoung, the S&S cutlery simply requires a camper to find a stick, shorten it to a usable length, and then sharpen the point so it can be twisted into a threaded bolt. Assembly really only requires pre-teen skill levels, but the final product can vastly improve your outdoor dining experience. But if this still seems like too much effort, you can probably just pack a regular spoon and fork — but where's the fun in that?

[Sharon Myoung via Notcot]

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