Calc.exe Is Dead, Long Live Google's Calculator

Google's search-based calculator is a bit of a God-send when it comes to impromptu maths, but now the Big G has gone and extended its functionality by rolling out a full-on, 34-button scientific calculator.

It's got everything you really need in a calculator, numbers aside: trigonometric functions, logs, powers, pi, Euler's number and even factorials (that's the exclamation point, if you dropped out of maths classes early). Just type in any calculation — something as simple as 2+2 will do — and up it pops.

Combined with the fact that Google search also works as a graphing calculator, it means that most software calculators can pretty much give up. Sorry, Calc.exe. It does, however, make me pine for my trusty old Sharp EL-531GH. [Google via Verge]

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