Building A House Around A Funnel Heading For The Center Of The Earth Sounds Terrifying

Although I know there's probably no danger involved with this house -- which has a bonafide, funnel-shaped opening in the middle of it -- there is something ominous about this Nobuhiro Tsukada-designed Earth House, which is connected directly to the terrain below it.

The inspiration for the concrete house design comes from the client, who, looking for privacy in his exurban Tokyo home, wanted all the rooms to open into a courtyard. But the courtyard would have been too small, so instead, they filled the tunnel-like space with earth and created the courtyard on the second-story, enclosing it on all sides with graceful, swooping walls. The generous use of skylights still allows for plenty of natural illumination, and more importantly, privacy from the outside world.

But still, I'd probably have nightmares about that funnel sucking everything down into the Earth's core. [Architonic via Architizer]


    Interesting concept, but a little wanky though, and having a bare concrete expanse looking over your head would be pretty oppressive after a while. It's always turned out that way on the 60s and 70s buildings that this style copies from,

      agreed, the building looks so lifeless due to it being almost entirely white and grey.

    What about the drainage, from the pictures it looks like a decent downpour would turn that courtyard into a swimming pool. I hope the doorway on the roof is water tight.

    Disappointing to see this is purely for aesthetics, when I saw the headline I was hoping the funnel was a household geothermal energy source.

      Don't be stupid :)

    Just like living in a stormwater drain.

    I'm of two minds.
    1. That concrete (like most) is seriously ugly, and will get uglier over time - streaks and stains and whatever, eugh.
    2. However, living in an Aperture Science Test Chamber would be cool...

    Reminds me vaguely of Half-Life, weird spaces and bare concrete.

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