Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Thursday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Thursday Night

Google Talk Is Down
Google Talk went down all over the world last night, meaning people had to resort to using one of hundreds of other methods to communicate with each other. The humanity!

Apple’s Power Nap Feature Now Available As Firmware Update For Mountain Lion
Don’t panic, Power Nap lovers, it’s now available as a firmware update, but only if you have a the right Mac. Naptacular!

Rumourmodo: Facebook Launching HTC-Built Phone With Custom OS In 2013
Why do we even need a Facebook phone? Just fix the appalling Facebook app.

Judge Sanctions Samsung For Destroying Evidence In Apple Case
Naughty Samsung, deleting emails like that.

Gummy Bear Ice Cubes Promise To Make Any Drink Infinitely More Fun
What’s not to love about Gummy Bear ice cubes?