Bond Movie Trailers Have Their Own Trailers

What's this new obsession by studios to create trailers for trailers? Tomorrow we can expect a new trailer for Bond 23, also known as Skyfall, but in the meantime, we have these short tidbits to go on.

The shortest trailer here actually gives us the most information about Skyfall. Bond has been naughty it seems, as we're told that he lost a hard drive containing the names of all MI:6's undercover operatives. Isn't it always the way? Why don't they protect these things better?

It ends with our hero falling from a moving train down a particularly steep gorge.

The second trailer is more action packed, with trains, planes and automobiles used to show us that despite the fact that MGM barely has two unbouncable cheques to rub together, it can still bring us a decent looking Bond.

Who was your favourite Bond?

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