Bizarre Bike With Extra Pedals On The Handlebars Exercises All Your Limbs At Once

If you're looking for an even more intense workout on your morning bike ride to the office, you need to look no further than the Raxibo, which packs an extra set of pedals on the handlebars that exercise your arms and upper body as well.

By incorporating all of your limbs into a ride, the Roxibo promises a more full body workout. And since the handlebar pedals are connected to the bike's drive train, in theory it should also provide more power when climbing steep terrain. Although, at the cost of a little added weight to your ride thanks to all of the added mechanisms and gearing.

So you might not see much improvement when it comes to speed if you were hoping it would shave a minute or two off your commute. The bikes start at around $US2600, but can be configured and upgraded with larger wheels for a few hundred dollars more. [Roxibo via Gizmag]



    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Because legs lack so much power...... the comparison of walking and crawling comes to mind.

    This isn't a new concept. There was a terrible 90's exercise equipment informmercial for a bike like this... promoted by the guy with blonde pony tail that used to scream "YOU NEED TECHNIQUE" *searches youtube*...

      Tony Little... still trying to find the bike though...

    Should be powering the front wheels. Would be great for mountain bikes. All wheel drive on dodgy surfaces!

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