Bing's New Friend Tagging Feature Is So Cool You'll Wish It Wasn't On Bing

If Google's angle is that it actually works really well, Bing's is that it's a "social search engine". And the latter's new Friend Tagging feature lives up to that promise, tapping the social network you actually use to aide your search results.

With Friend Tagging, you can now tag your Facebook friends in any given Bing search, directing your query at them, in addition to just Bing. You do it in the Bing social bar, right on the page, which makes it a little more convenient than picking up a phone, or sending an email in the heat of the searching moment. Best of all, it means you don't have to rely solely on Bing for your answer.

The feature could serve as a handy way to make sure your friends know you want their input, especially Internet friends who you might not be able to call or text. Granted, Google's also trying social search with its (awful) Google+ results, but Facebook integration could make for social search you might actually want to use. Bing might still be trailing in the search engine race, but keep an eye on it. It might be doing some things you'd be surprised to find you like. [Bing Search Blog via The Verge]


    I REALLY dont get why people keep tinking Bing is so inferior to Google.
    Personally i use both and Bing tends to give me better result to most things than Google.
    Can we get over this Google bias already?

      Google and Bing this:
      what is the movie about aliens in the ocean, and the navy attacks them?

      very, very different results and Bing is not even close.

    Nothing splits the two now. I'm using Bing more and more simply because I prefer the homepage.

      x2, I use Bing for my day to day searching where I want focused results, and google when I want to trawl through dozens of mostly useless forum threads for a hard to find answer.

        x2 + 1, I find Bing's results more relevant. I then go to Google if
        I want some different results. I rarely get anything useful there
        that wasn't already on Bing yet Bing has more useful links that
        Google doesn't show.

    Why do I get the feeling that the combination of a kinect, image search, and friend tagging is going to create some inspirational trolls

    Bing is a very good alternative to Google.

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