Behind The Dashboard Of WA's New Police Cars

Getting pulled over by the police blows, and the only thing I ever do to take my mind off of the massive fine I'm about to be served with for travelling sideways at speed around that last corner, is by thinking about how they caught me. WA Police are testing new cruisers, and the force is looking to show off the technology it uses to prove you're naughty.

In this brief video, we get a look at the touchscreen console at the centre of the vehicle's dashboard that does everything from fire the sirens, right through to scanning registration plates to see if the driver in the car has a license or not.

It's a pretty slick looking car, and if you can get passed the host the force has teamed up with it's a fun video.


    why have a cop bother driving the car around? I can see in a few years time that the highway patrol will be replaced by automated vehicles that drive around taking photos and issuing fines.

    I wonder what its return on investment is? Clearly I’m referring to safety here...

      i wonder this every time someone buys an ipad - safety must always be considered first when it comes to return on investment

      yes... im just being a dick :P good point.

    I'm sure any negative comments on here will be purely from the viewpoint of people with pristine driving records and valid licences...
    Personally I like the idea that, without going out of their way to do so, police on patrol can identify and stop potentially unlicenced drivers, unregistered cars, vehicles that were previously yellow stickered (you know, when ppl take off the bolt-ons to go over the pits then put em straight back on after), stolen vehicles and vehicles with a KALOF (apparently our version of a BOLO).
    Can't stop tools being tools but maybe if you catch them more often they will get the hint.

      I'm all for a larger police presence on the road, but make it that... A presence. Keep the cars marked. Notice how everyone behaves themselves when a cop is near them. It's a positive outcome. Unmarked cars as the rule rather than the exception (like in Victoria) is blatant revenue raising - such as the couple of undercover SS Utes getting around out West.

        I say this to everyone... DON'T BREAK THE LAW AND YOU WON'T GET CAUGHT!
        It's that simple and I don't understand why people just don't get it.
        No police actions would be revenue raising if there weren't people to catch.
        What's it matter if the car is marked or not. If you're not speeding they aren't going to book you.
        A visible presence is saying - "we are here" unmarked cars are saying "we are here, you just don't know it"
        The fact that " Notice how everyone behaves themselves when a cop is near them" simply means that people feel it's OK to misbehave when there are no cops around.

          Absolutley agreed. I don't intentionally speed, I know I had done my fair share of it but never anything more than a couple k's (read 2 - 3, not 10 - 15) over before I realise and slow down. However, if I'm caught I will not piss and whine about it. I'll have done the wrong thing. The only people who get pissy about the cops not being marked everywhere are people who are doing something wrong or have a habit of doing so. Worried they're revenue raising? (One of the biggest BS terms to ever exist fyi, the police force is so underfunded its not funny), then don't break the law and don't contribute your hard-ly earned dollars to the cause.

      i hate it and i cant even legaly drive so yep pristene

    I just find some irony on fining people for using mobiles while there playing with that down the road.

      Police are allowed to use phones while driving. Get over it.

    Agreed... it's about time police started using the tech available to us. This kind of innovation has been in practice for many years, and we know it's commissioning will be grossly over-priced, but it's still very affordable in comparison to older technologies.
    I wonder how many people will make comments about revenue raising...
    RAISE that money I say! If you're stupid enough to break the law, then you're stupid enough to empty your bank account!

    Seen it in the parking lot at work. Very impressive to know what's going on behind that windscreen.

    Fantastic step forward.

    All the technology you want aint going to help your useless Holden catch me :P

    Come back to me when it shoots lasers from the headlights

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    I bet these cops got SCMODS.

      I think of the SCMODS reference most times I pass a patrol car. Although in Australia we don't really refer to Counties or Municipalities as common language terms so it would actually be SODS!

    interesting its capturing and geostamping number plates , privacy concerns anyone?

      Got something to hide? You're in a public place therefore your actions are public. It's the same as being filmed by CCTV in a shopping centre for example.
      It would give police great intelligence on crime rates in an area. Repeatable traffic patterns, being able to spot things out of the ordinary. It's a very valuable tool

        some one i know had to drive down to brisbane because some criminals made a copy of their liscense plate and was caught for speeding so i cann only see this happening more often

    I think this is a great way to for police to get idiots off our roads. I just hope this tech doesn't get abused. One thing that scares me is the fact that we cannot move around any major city with out being recorded. I hope this stays as a way to prevent crime and not as an extension of big brothers viewing glass.

    Yes, this is just what WA cops need. More distractions in their cars while driving. They can't barely keep their attention on the road as it is.

    Im just thinking of this from a privacy perspective. Just because they are the cops and a part of the government, doesnt mean taking pictures of cars, geotagging them and saving it in a database is allowed within the confines of privacy laws. I'll be interested to see the outcome when someone decides to sue based on privacy invasion and what the law has to say about such technology use.

      This has already been happening for years. All the traffic cameras you see around the place take note of your licence and where/when you've been. The ATO has a link to this database. Been using it for years to catch people who try to claim travel on their vehicles. (or something like that, one of the designers of the system explained it to me)

    Victoria Police has claimed that they were the first to deploy wireless communications in their police cars ( in 1923... and I guess this is the expected state of affairs 90 years on.
    Mind you - I think all that technology that we saw deployed in the car is actually going to end up being deployed on police officers - instead of squad car that is immobilised between the hours of 7 to 10am and 4 to 7pm each weekday (i.e. peak hour traffic).

    If we consider that ordinary consumers have access to technology like Apple iPhones, Apple iPads, GoPro HD cameras, Google maps, Google street view, Facebook face recognition, geo-tagging, and remote controlled quadro-copter toys -
    it is not inconceivable that the technology could be applied for use by police officers to better enforce law and public order - and maintain their integrity and leadership.

    George Orwell and Ray Bradbury are probably now sitting down together in the great beyond, clinking their glasses, and chuckling to each other: "Well, we saw that coming..."

    Looks like a cool car, however i hope some of those controls, particularly the alert (for sirens) have manual and more tactile options. Imagine trying to pull someone over while changing lanes and concentrating while not being able to use your sirens because its too dangers to look and guide your finger to the touch screen. Try using any touch screen device accurately while driving... dangerous.

    The "Hand brake & Wheelie Squad" have some new toys to play with.....if it was a fully worked Nissan GTR I would be impressed.

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