Australians Love Android: Installations Jump 20% In One Year

Australians Love Android: Installations Jump 20% In One Year

With Samsung’s Galaxy S3 III released, our attention has turned to Apple to see if its much-rumoured iPhone 5 will match it with the latest and greatest in Android smartphones. Judging by recent stats from research firm Kantar Worldpanel, which suggest Australians are starting to favour the green robot over the white citrus, it’s clear Apple will have to come out with something very special.

As CNET reports, While Android usage in Australia went from 36.4 to 56.9 per cent between 2011-2012, iOS dropped 6.4 points to 30.5 per cent. It’s a noticeable change, but it doesn’t compare with poor Symbian, which plummeted to 3.8 per cent from 20.8. Not great news for Nokia, especially as Windows Phone 7 usage increased by measly 2.7 points to sit at 4.8 per cent.

Where’s BlackBerry in all of this? With a foot in the grave, if the drop from 2.2 to 0.1 per cent is accurate. Samsung’s Bada platform basically vanished, going from 0.5 to 0.0 per cent.

The data, some of which can be seen above, shows that Android usage dropped by around 7 per cent in the United States but increased in the UK and Italy — by 8.5 and 24.3 per cent respectively. On a positive for Apple, iOS installs in the US rose 8.7 points to 37.4 per cent

The Symbian-to-Android numbers in Australia are what I find the most fascinating. Who out there recently retired a 3210 for a shiny new Galaxy S III?


Image: Kantar Worldpanel