Australians Love Android: Installations Jump 20% In One Year

With Samsung's Galaxy S3 III released, our attention has turned to Apple to see if its much-rumoured iPhone 5 will match it with the latest and greatest in Android smartphones. Judging by recent stats from research firm Kantar Worldpanel, which suggest Australians are starting to favour the green robot over the white citrus, it's clear Apple will have to come out with something very special.

As CNET reports, While Android usage in Australia went from 36.4 to 56.9 per cent between 2011-2012, iOS dropped 6.4 points to 30.5 per cent. It's a noticeable change, but it doesn't compare with poor Symbian, which plummeted to 3.8 per cent from 20.8. Not great news for Nokia, especially as Windows Phone 7 usage increased by measly 2.7 points to sit at 4.8 per cent.

Where's BlackBerry in all of this? With a foot in the grave, if the drop from 2.2 to 0.1 per cent is accurate. Samsung's Bada platform basically vanished, going from 0.5 to 0.0 per cent.

The data, some of which can be seen above, shows that Android usage dropped by around 7 per cent in the United States but increased in the UK and Italy -- by 8.5 and 24.3 per cent respectively. On a positive for Apple, iOS installs in the US rose 8.7 points to 37.4 per cent

The Symbian-to-Android numbers in Australia are what I find the most fascinating. Who out there recently retired a 3210 for a shiny new Galaxy S III?


Image: Kantar Worldpanel



    Interesting numbers.
    But I don't think an Apple can be described as a "citrus". Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought that was limited to oranges, lemons and such?

      You are correct.

      Apple is a ''pome'' fruit. Citrus fruits are oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, lemons, limes etc.

      And Loganberries are hexaploid hybrids of octaploid blackberries and diploid red raspberries ;-)

    Ozone, maybe he meant that it leaves a sour taste in your mouth....

      Australian oranges often do...

    When Google announced Australia was included in the list of countries to get the Nexus 7 a few people were surprised. I guess Google saw these numbers and want to take advantage of them.

      Still waiting on Google Music though ... :(

        However ICS update has not been released for generic Galaxy Note GT-N7000 australian phones. Hope Google changing its attitude toward australian customers.

    Does that include all models, as in the base models you get when you buy the pre-paid models for under $100 and those you get on $29 Plan. Just interested because that would explain the big drop in Symbian numbers. No way Apple can compete with hand set numbers as contract prices on the iPhone even the iPhone 4 are high. iOS's numbers will never reach Android's unless they compete with Androids price point, which I don't see happening. If Microsoft play their card right then I think they will have numbers similar to Android. In the long run I see something like 30% iOS, 40% Android, 30% WP.

    No way are those numbers due to the Galaxy SIII. Probably the most common Android phones I see in the wild are the Galaxy SII and those pre-paid Android Phone you get for $99 or on a $29 plan. Would be interesting to see a breakdown of actually models in the Android numbers.

      HTC One Xs must account for a reasonable size chunk of the new Androids, too.

      Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Nexus were both free on the $29 plan from Virgin last month! I was tempted but never got around to getting it... (Still rocking ancient Nokia with a TPG sim). And one can get an Android for less than *$50* outright, there's no way Apple wants to compete against that. They go after the high profits rather than pure market share.

    Is not Australian love Android, is because we had too many Android smartphones on the market.

    Weird: Windows Mobile nearly doubled its share, from 0.6% to 1.0%. Who the heck is still buying those? Or selling them?

      I think this sort of figure makes you wonder about the accuracy of these figures. Since there is no indication where the raw data comes from, I suspect this is another case of reporting shipped devices instead of sold devices. If this is the case, then there is a problems as Apple only reports sold devices, so you are not comparing the same type of figures.

    '’s clear Apple will have to come out with something very special. '

    No, just another law suit.

    Australians don't love Android. They love cheap phones provided on plans. Most Android buyers would neither know nor care what operating system is in their phones.
    Remember, Gizmodo readers are not representative of the normal consumer, so the reason a reader here buys a phone is not the same as the reasons the majority of consumers use to buy a phone.

      Well said.

    It must obviously just be because they're waiting for iphone5

    well my friend just sold his iPhone 4 and got the s3 , he previously loved apple but then when he used the s3 he fell in love with it. android has matured and jellybean will bring it all together.

      Ditto - I managed to get $400 for my used 16 gig iphone and got the s3, I dont' expect the s3 to hold that sort of value, but I'm far happier with the phone and willing to pay more just for the ability to delete Itunes off of my pc.

    I've had every iPhone from 3G to 4. I watched the live s3 keynote they did for the Oz release and after that I went to voda, asked to upgrade, they said yes. I do like the phone it self. Android is good but it could be better. Looking forward to jellybean.

    The main reason why Android has suffered a drop in the US is because of the lawsuits and injunctions that Apple has won against Samsung and others. Apple has realised that it is far cheaper to bring lawsuits than to compete fairly.

    "Apple fanboys remain undeterred."
    When even the contributors are trolling what hope is there ?
    Pandering to the loudest minority much?

    How is it possible that such a dominant operating system still has such a poor market compared to iOS? Surely when trying to entice developers, Google can simply point to the number of users? They only recently got Facebook up to a decent standard (yet still far worse than the iOS version).

    It's the Carriers that like Android.. If you don't ask for an 'iPhone' and even then they point you to one of the dozen or so Android phones they ALL have (running all different versions of the OS) and sell you one of them. Try asking for anything else (Windows Phone) and get all but laughed at..
    iOS doesn't need any help - or good news - it's still got market cap in Oz it's still what I see way more people using., but of course Apple wants 100% of the market (see law suits and wanted product bans)

    I commented at the CNET article...
    Statcounter Global Stats says otherwise - July 2012:
    Australia: 70% iOS, 25% Android.
    UK: 43% iOS, 25% Android.
    US: 50% iOS, 40% Android.
    Worldwide: 26% Android, 25% iOS.

    Someone replied to the huge discrepancy :
    Com Tech measures sales while Statcounter measures usage?!
    That would suggest average iOS users in Australia spend 6 times longer browsing as Android users - not likely.

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