Aussies To Get Their Nexus 7 Pre-Orders By Next Week

Did you order a Nexus 7 and don't know when it'll get here? Good news for you today, as Google confirms that it'll arrive before the end of next week.

At least that's what the tech giant is promising customers. Via its support page:

In Australia:

All Nexus 7 8GB and Nexus 7 16GB orders will be fulfilled by the end of day on July 19 (AEST) and will arrive in 3-5 days.

Nexus party-time!! Are you getting a Nexus 7? [Google Support]



    Boring...I'm waiting for the Win8 Tablets to reach Australia (not just M$ version either). These will be far more useful for business and personal than the Android 7inch Nexus.

      Thats your own personal opinion. Some people out there disagree with that. However you are entitled to your own narrow minded opinion.

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Got an email from Google Play last night stating mine had shipped... Fedex tracking expects to have it delivered by the 23rd (regional location).

    I received email this morning my nexus 7 has shipped. Happy dance.

    Mine shipped late Monday and arrived this morning (Sydney). Haven't had a chance to really play with it properly yet (at work), but it seems more or less as expected from the reviews. Somewhat impressed with improvements Jellybean made over ICS from what I've seen so far as well (should really get around to figuring out how to manually update my phone rather than wait for Vodafone).

      Mine arrived this morning also. Shipped Monday.

    Of course friends shipping companies and lawyers are the biggest winner in tablet and smartphone boom

    Of course shipping companies and lawyers are the biggest winner in tablet and smartphone boom

    Yea i ordered mine from EB Games as well and they havent sent me anything yet :(

    my FedEx email says delivery tomorrow, Thursday 19...fingers crossed

    I'm keen to play with one in person before I buy one to replace my 1st Gen iPad.

    Ordered on the morning of the 28th June (Australian time). I think Google has stuffed up a number of orders and are dispatching them in random order. According to Whirlpool, heaps of people who ordered just a week ago are getting theirs but people like me are still waiting with no word from Google.

    Google sucks

    mine will be delivered tommorow :)
    can't wait!

    Received mine today. It's amazing! Having owned an ipad I can say I prefer this 100 percent.

    Ordered mine on the 3rd July. Got shipping notification on the 17th saying it would be here on the 19th :D however on the morning of the 18th I checked again and fedex had changed the expected delivery date to the 23rd!!!! What happened to my 2 day shipping!!! Argh!!!

    Emailed google about it, still yet to hear anything but I'd expect they are really under the pump right now. Doesn't stop me being extremely annoyed.

    Arrived yesterday. Now THAT is expedited shipping!

    i am in same boat as everyone. google has bollocks'd this up. will paypal dispute the $19.99 shipping fee.

      Odd... I thought that you had to use Google Wallet to pay for this rather than PayPal?

    Mine arrived this morning, even though FedEx stated delivery on the 23rd july I'm writing on it now. JB lives up to the hype - also came with a free copy of Transformers :)

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