Aussie Turtles Get High-Tech Tracking Treatment

Aussie Turtles Get High-Tech Tracking Treatment

Google Glass is a big deal, and I can’t wait to try one out. Apparently, neither can these turtles, who are being fitted with wearable tracking technology of their own in order to study their movements around the Murray River system.

SBS writes that the 13 female, broad-shelled, long-necked turtles are being tracked so that scientists can identify the turtle’s breeding grounds and subsequently protect them. By protecting the breeding grounds, the turtles will have a better chance of survival.

It’s an expensive first for Australian science, with the GPS units costing around $2300 a piece.

On top of being really cool, it’s also super adorable seeing turtles with little tracking devices on them. Aww. [SBS]

Image: AAP/SBS