Arthur C. Clarke Predicted 50 Years Ago We Would Work Online In Our Pyjamas

Not only was Arthur C. Clarke one of the greatest science-fiction writers of all time, he also had a knack for looking ahead at where technology was going and accurately predicting how it would change life in the future.

In this clip from the BBC's Mysterious World, Clarke postulates on what the future of cities will be like. And thanks to revolutions in communications technology made possible by satellites, by the year 2000 people will no longer have to commute to the office to put in a day's work. He even goes as far as making the wild claim that one day surgeons might not have to be in the same country as the patient they're operating on -- a claim that isn't so wild any more. [YouTube via Brain Pickings]


    What mankind wants, mankind gets. I wish I didn't have to go to work to work.

    Just because I sleep in my clothes doesn't make them my pyjamas!!..... Does it???

    As a long time fan of Sci-Fi, including Arthur C. Clarke's work, I was delighted when I was given the opportunity to work from home. However, I don't work in my PJ's for two reasons: 1. Going through the ritual of showering, getting dressed and having brekky before I go into the "office" gets me in the right frame of mind to be productive. 2. I sleep naked, and as comfortable as that is when under the sheets, I'm not comfortable with spending the entire day naked... certainly wouldn't help with productivity.

      Ummm, thanks for sharing.

        He probably showers naked too.

          if he does then he's a fool.

    well i work from home and I've got a pretty ordinary office gig. In fact out 12 months i've worked 5 of those months from home. and yes I work in my pajamas and yep its awesome

    To be fair, he was really just looking forward to a future where he could scope out young Philipino guys online without having to get dressed first.

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