Are You Having Mountain Lion Download, Purchase Or Installation Errors?

And just like that, the first issues are appearing when users go to download Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Share your pain here.

I tried downloading it and got two separate error messages. Check out the screenshots above.

9to5Mac is saying that it's most likely due to the volume of people waiting to get their hands on the upgrade.

What issues are you having?



    yup! error 100 please try again later. damn it after such a long wait.

    i'm having the same issues , i'm really disappointed apple! :\

    Same problem. Been trying for the last half and hour. Pretty sure the problem is with the amount of traffic as I have tried restarting and logging off and all the with no result

    Yeah same here having issues with same error :(

    Yup not only do Apple do a great job at creating demand when they release in a retail shop environment they manage to achieve it in an online retail environment as well. Exact same errors as the ones you've posted. I do hope I get allowed to upgrade tonight.

    Same problem here

    I checked for other software updates and am now downloading updates to iWork and Safari. I think (hope) Mountain Lion will download after these updates. It's reminding me of when iOS5 was released but there was an iTunes update that was required before it was available for download.

    same to me also :(

    Exactly the same issues. Also got both errors.

    Yep error 100 all the way :(

    Same problem here...could be a long night

    given up for tonight. shall try tomorrow. of course the alternative is to visit the apple store for them to have them install it for u

    Hmmm... Just logged in to App Store with my Canadian ID and, although I didn't go through with the purchase, I seemed to get further... must be an Australian App Store thing... bollocks.

    I bought a retina display Macbook pro back in mid-june when it came out. I need the redemption code to download Mountain Lion for free. I can't get that redemption code because the up-to-date page is giving a 404 error.

      i dont even get that far, I get a message saying my application ahs been accepted

    Dosn't work bro...

    Just finished updating Safari and now I've been able to get Mountain Lion?! Coincidence?

    at least your still able to update safari, if anyone still uses it

    It's working for me now! (finally)


    Trying to redeem the code i got for my retina mbp.
    Says its already been used......... kthx apple.

      At least you're still in the first 90 days of free phone support, not much consolation but it's something.

      Same here

    Got through after about 90 mins. Downloading terribly slowly.


    Working now

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