Are You Comfortable With Airlines Researching You On Google?

According to the London Evening Standard, British Airways is beginning a program in which employees google the faces of passengers for upcoming flights so that they may immediately greet them upon entry to the airport gate/aeroplane.

Some feel this is an invasion of privacy. But is it really that big of a deal? [Evening Standard via TIME]


    I dunno, would it turn into a big deal if the passengers were researching all the employees so they can then greet them by name upon arrival too?

      Employee's normally have name badges upon their person. So its not really going to freak them out, plus they see thousands of passengers a year so they are not going to remember you unless its something special.
      Some passengers would like being greeted by name.... most will not.

        I understand your point but that would be like if they gave each customer a name tag with their first name only but this is quite different. The search factor enables them at least access to way more than just your first name, I wouldn't be too surprised if in this day & age (like the 3rd poster points out-most people would have too much personal info in a simple google search that they stupidly put on the net) it eventually turned into more of an overall search to weed out potential trouble passengers etc.

    This may seem cute but what if the information gleaned causes security problems by association or race or whatever. Don't do it, your personal information shouldn't be that accessible anyway.

      Hey look its Jackie Chan... (next person) hey look its Jackie Chan... (next person).. hey look its Jackie Chan..

    Weird, last time I had to fly somewhere, they greeted me by name because they saw my name on the ticket I had to present when boarding the aircraft. Flight attendants also seem to have a sheet with a seating plan for this very purpose.

    I can't believe this is even a question. They aren't hacking your Facebook account. They aren't checking your email, or your bank details. They are using Google's publicly available results. This is not an invasion of privacy. Your face is publicly visible in the airport, and publicly visible online. If you have a problem with them connecting the two, do something about your online presence first.

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