Are We Overreacting To Apple's EPEAT Pull-Out?

The dust still has yet to settle, since Apple announced on Monday that it would no longer seek EPEAT certification for 39 of its computer models. Certainly, this news is not great. The ideal situation would be for everything, everywhere, to be entirely green and environmentally friendly.

But Tech Radar reports that the City of San Francisco's Department of Environment has sent letters "to all 50 city agencies, informing them that city funds can no longer be used to purchase Apple products" -- and, to me, that seems a bit extreme.

Hear me out.

There are plenty of products that we use on a daily basis that a terrible for the environment. We could be more diligent about recycling and make a significant difference. Banning entire sector of a city's government from spending city funds on new MacBooks is sort of a passive environmental statement. How about mandatory work-commute carpools? Or forbidding city funds from being spent on bottled water? Or allowing only those tubeless toiletpaper rolls in city government office bathrooms? Or forbidding all men and women employed by the city from using hair spray. I'm (possibly) exaggerating for effect, here, but still. Are we overreacting, or not?



    To the defence of Apple! Yay for defending mega corporations!

      Said the pitchfork wielding peasant as he jumped on the bandwagon.


    Did they ever spend anything in the first place?
    Do Apple care?
    Are Apple doing anything competitive in the renewable/recyclable space?

      Apple do more than any other PC manufacturers to use environmentally friendly materials, look it up.

      Apple have provided a computer recycling program for years, show me others who do.

      Apple has done more than any other technology company in recent memory to be environmentally friendly. What’s more, Apple publishes everything that makes up its carbon footprint on its Web site. Again, this is something EPEAT doesn’t measure.

      Companies like Dell have 171 products listed on EPEAT, but yet if you look on Dell’s Web site, none of their computers are even Energy Star Compliant.

      By its own admission, the EPEAT certifications are old.

      EPEAT board member Christine Ervin, recently stated, “Part of it is expanding EPEAT’s global reach through the multiple certification [process]; as well as moving into new, additional products; as well as updating the EPEAT [certifications], because they’re a little long in the tooth. [Each of those] is a huge project on its own,”

      I don't know, you tell me who does a better than Apple in running an environmentally friendly company?

      Oh, heres how Apple recycle their devices.

      Shall I continue??????????

    To author, what 's people not happy about is the design & features of apple products, who cares about environment ?

      Yeah, people hate their design and features. Which is why they make hardly any money and aren't popular.

    Yeah... the author here isn't really doing their due diligence, Apple computers only make up about 14% or less of the devices used San Francisco. It's not much of a loss for them. Besides, government agencies write up guidelines for a reason and try and stick with them, if Apple products no longer fit those guidelines then they are doing the right things for taking this action and should be celebrated for it.

    Ignorant writer - woeful article.

    I know it's tagged RANT, but, there really should be a STUPID RANT tag slapped all over this article.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    If I was SF resident I would be glad my gov isn't wasting tax payer money on a mac. Don't get me wrong, I love macs and I have a few, but the government can get things done just as efficiently on a shitty windows laptop.

    Without reading the article or any of the comments, I will answer YES, you are over-reacting.

    Your comments always make my day

    Yes, massive overreaction. Even EPEAT admit that their standards are way outdated.

    Glad that Apple finally made a statement about this. *BOOM* Shut down.

    I think it's a shame Apple have decided to go LESS green. I don't know much about EPEAT, but if it is what Government/industry use to specify if it is suitably green for purchase, then that's too bad Apple. Government have the responsibility and put the guidelines in for a reason and they need following.

    Apple just burked itself out of (insert number) government deals.

      Sorry, but where, here do you see Apple being LESS green?

      "I don’t know much about EPEAT"

      that says it all. why don't u educate yourself before posting an opinionated outburst.

    Apple has reversed it's decision about this, and, in my opinion done so with a lot of class! :)

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