Are Apple's iOS 6 Maps Coming To Desktop Computers?

Developer Cody Cooper has found something interesting in Apple's new iOS maps. Judging from some code in the app, Apple's maps might be coming to desktop computers -- iMacs, MacBooks, and maybe PCs -- some time soon.

The code refers to Intel processors and disables shading in the maps app. That's because Intel's integrated graphics, while much improved, are not very good at shading. So any shading would probably be disabled, or done software-side or server-side.

Moving away from the Google Maps data that's fuelled the iOS Maps app for years to implement in-house maps is a bold move for Apple. Shifting them to desktop Mac clients would make sense with a lot of Apple's other projects, such as Find My Friends and iPhoto.

At the very least, Mac Maps would be further iOS-ification of Mac OS X, as Scott Forstall's leather-bound drums of war beat on. [Technically Personal via Business Insider]



    please.... don't ..... the world doesn't need yet another half-baked-catchup product from apple.

      People rip on apple but you know what? It just works, its simple, it works, its easy and it works.

      After moving from a windows PC to MAC I would never go back, everyone might say thats because I dont know how to use a PC or whatever but that is why MAC is so great, it easy and it works.

        Dude good points but when you say Mac, a lower case a and c is fine. It's not an acronym and you don't need to yell it.

        Hey I normally agree with you but the current beta of 'Apple Maps' are dreadful.

        I grew up with macs but I do have to admit pcs come in handy for gaming and all those random applications you might need not to mention the extra power

          You do know you can run Windows on all Intel Macs don't you? So theoretically you don't need a PC if you already have a Mac.

      the world doesn't have to use it. You... do know it's not compulsory to use Apple products, right?

    Apple keep adding to there software so they can be like pc..... Give it a few years and they will be the same.... No one I know uses any platform 100% so what does it matter

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