Apple's Australian Stores Now Support EasyPay

Getting ahead of a massive queue is awesome, so long as you don't get punched in the middle of your face for doing it. Now Apple has enabled EasyPay in Australia, queues should be a thing of the past.

What's an EasyPay? Good question.

EasyPay is a feature built into Apple's official Apple Store app (say that 10 times fast). Say you want to buy an accessory from an Apple Store but don't want to wait in a line. All you do is grab the accessory off the shelf, scan the barcode with EasyPay and pay for it using your iTunes Store account.

No need to wait in line or find some blue-shirted store assistant to help you.

EasyPay has been active overseas for a while now, but it's finally arrived in Australia as of today. Hurrah!



    is there a android app for the app store? im not trolling but it could be use to win over android users?

    I can see this being abused. Screen grab of a purchase show the screen to the "greeter" on the way out and..... you have just shop lifted.

      Yes, I agree good sir, I wonder how it will all work.

        Employees can see if a purchase is genuine on their own easypays that they walk around with. It displays all active and successful purchases on customer devices.
        Also, asking to see the digital receipt on the screen of a person's iPhone shows the date and time of purchase. This brings down theft.
        The US has been doing this for a good amount of time and have experienced very little shrinkage.

      I'd hope it sends an alert to the 'greeter' and they have to scan the goods leaving, or check your iTunes account.

      few years ago, I picked up an accessory and I forgot to pay for it until I was a block away from the actual store. I went back to pay for it, but no one seemed to have noticed, or cared.

    Does this mean I can purchase iTunes credit on sale (2 x$20 cards for $30) and then spend the credit on all store products? e.g. macbook pro

      I believe you can only pay with accounts that have a credit card associated with it. I read on reviews from the US that the app asks for your credit card security code (the one in the back).

        It would be a really good loop hole if you can credit the iTunes account with gift card bought at a discount and use it in apple store.

          yes... yes... I called and they said iTunes cards cannot be used to buy products from the apple store. Apparently there is a difference between iTunes and apple store. :(

    nice. totally going to blow some cash with this option.

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