Apple To Present At Black Hat 2012

Apple To Present At Black Hat 2012

Now that Apple has dropped the “we don’t get viruses” business from its marketing schtick, it’s probably a great idea for the company to start making friends with the folks that might end up actually breaching its security in the future. Presumably, that’s why Apple is planning its first ever appearance at the Black Hat this year.

This is big. Apple rarely goes anywhere to talk to anyone about anything, so the fact that the company has decided to send Dallas De Atley, the head of the Platform Security Team is curious to say the least.

The talk description posted to the Black Hat programme doesn’t give us much of an insight as to what De Atley will be talking about:

Apple designed the iOS platform with security at its core. In this talk, Dallas De Atley, manager of the Platform Security team at Apple, will discuss key security technologies in iOS.

That doesn’t sound hugely exciting on the surface, and that’s because it isn’t.

Perhaps this is Apple just extending the olive branch to the security community? I can see the first draft of the speech right now: ‘We care about security and the black hat community, we really do, and it’s a pleasure to be here today. So, what do we have to do to get you to stop hacking our stuff?’ [Bloomberg]

Image: Black Hat