Apple Patents Its Own Wearable Computer

Move over Google Glass, Apple wants some room on the wearable computer shelves too.

Apple has just won a patent from the US Patent Office for a "head-mounted display apparatus for a user".

Essentially, the patent is for a head-mounted display unit that can project images in front of a users eye and give the impression of depth, but this now-patented gadget is more than just a monitor in front of your face.

The patent specifies that the head-mounted display unit could also feature an audio component, headphone connectivity, movie-viewing capability, telco network connectivity and various input methods including voice.

The device differs from Google's Glass product, however, as it specifies that two lenses would feed images to the user at once.

It's worth noting that this patent doesn't mean that Apple's hard at work on a competitor to Google Glass or Sony's personal 3D viewer. It does mean, however, that someone at Apple has had a bright idea that the company might just fool around with when it's bored one day. [USPTO via The Next Web]



    Why is the image for this article on the main Giz page that weird red skinless shark? Image in the article itself is fine...

      That's me being an idiot. It's a stock image that lives in our code templates that weirdly found its way into the story. You, reader, have seen behind a curtain you were never meant to know existed! :O:O:O:O

        Well I guess you are the "Wizard" (editor) of the "Oz" version of Giz, so someone seeing behind the curtain at some point was inevitable :)

    Introducing the all new eyePhone

    haha nailed it!

    aaaand now I have to go watch that Futurama episode again

      I'd patent that before Apple retrospectively sues you ( & Futurama) in a decade =]

      But yes.. nailed it indeed.

    Good ol Apple "innovation"

      I'm confused by the wording, "could", meaning if sombody actually builds it they could sue them.......

      gizmodo should post a comprehensive article on what patents mean and how business use them - it might quell some of dumb nerd comments every time they are mentioned

    Now we can see how long it will be before Apple sues Google for patent infringement!

    Let me help you........
    Why ask Gizmodo to do it ? Be pro-active and help.
    don't be offended, I wasn't by your slight :)

    lol really? Nice to see they are coming up with fresh, new ideas.

    Apple patent Date Filed: October 13, 2006 (see link in article)
    Google Glass Patent date filed: May 25, 2011 (see link from

    Seems to me apple applied first.

    Hopefully both devices are different enough from eachother so they dont start suing eachother. Though if we go by their past performance I wouldnt be surprised if both do at some point.

    As for wearable computers, wasn't it like a decade ago that students at Adelaide University made a wearable computer version of the game Doom that used glasses that projected images of the aliens fought.

    People were running around with heavy backpack laptops at the time if I recall.

    Patenting for the sake of patenting OBVIOUS ideas is pathetic and should be illegal. "Oh, look we have a billion dollars lying around, let's just get a bunch of guys to sit around think up obvious ideas and patent everything we can think of in case someone else decides to actually make it." A patent should only be granted when you have an actual device that goes on sale. Otherwise forfeit.

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