Apple Patents Its Own Wearable Computer

Move over Google Glass, Apple wants some room on the wearable computer shelves too.

Apple has just won a patent from the US Patent Office for a "head-mounted display apparatus for a user".

Essentially, the patent is for a head-mounted display unit that can project images in front of a users eye and give the impression of depth, but this now-patented gadget is more than just a monitor in front of your face.

The patent specifies that the head-mounted display unit could also feature an audio component, headphone connectivity, movie-viewing capability, telco network connectivity and various input methods including voice.

The device differs from Google's Glass product, however, as it specifies that two lenses would feed images to the user at once.

It's worth noting that this patent doesn't mean that Apple's hard at work on a competitor to Google Glass or Sony's personal 3D viewer. It does mean, however, that someone at Apple has had a bright idea that the company might just fool around with when it's bored one day. [USPTO via The Next Web]

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