Apple OS X Mountain Lion Gold Master Is Out

The Gold Master version of Apple's OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is now available on the Mac OS X Dev Center. Gold Master versions are the final build that ships to customers, so what we see here will be what you're using later this month when the retail version comes out for $20.99.

Apple also seeded a new version of 10.7.5, which will likely be released the same day, with updates for folks who don't upgrade to Mountain Lion. We'll have full change logs and updates to what's new in the builds soon. [9to5mac]


    I'll love if it was released tonight on the Mac App Store.

    Nothing like paying for service packs.

      Nothing like being a stupid annoying troll. OS-X Mountain lion has a bigger difference over Lion than Win 7 over Win Vista.

      Windows Vista = Version 6.0
      Widnows 7 = Version 6.1
      Windows 8 = Version 6.2

      So if you say every Mac's major release since OS X is just a service pack then technically each version of Windows in the past 5 years have just been service packs.

        Kernel Version and Operating System release name are two completely different things.
        Linux was version 2.6 for close to 8 years. and is still supported. In that time Fedora went from release 2 to release 15.

        Both sides of this debate are equally ignorant. The two Operating systems you are talking about have different release cycles which are stupid to compare.

          Give ThePengwin a gold medal!

          Everyone else: STFU.

          Agreed, it's a dumb argument. Operating system names and whether an update is a service pack is a very different thing yet again.

          As far as software goes version numbers mean very little from one company to the other. Some companies X.X.1 increment will be far larger than another's 1.0 and many will jump in inconstant increments (for example, they may go from 2.0 to 5.0 in a single release) purely for marketing purposes. The only real consistency is a higher number means a newer release, besides that the weight of each decimal place can vary drastically from company to product to release.

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