Apple Ordered To Publicly Retract Samsung Copying Accusations

Remember the British judge who ruled that Samsung didn't copy Apple because the Galaxy Tab was "not as cool" as the iPad? He's now ordered Apple to publish notices saying that Samsung did not copy the iPad's design.

This is perhaps the most hilariously embarrassing thing a judge could order Apple to do. And it's not a joke! UK Judge Colin Birss has ordered Apple to post a notice on for six months that acknowledged Judge Birss's ruling that Samsung didn't copy Apple and also recant its accusations of Samsung stealing Apple designs in British newspapers and magazines. Could you even imagine a Sorry Samsung note on Apple's website?

As the court system works though, Apple will be able to appeal the order. And judging by the shameful punishment, Apple almost certainly will try to avoid any mention of Samsung on its own website by any means necessary. [AllThingsD]


    I would totally visit the apple site just to see that :D

      Visit?! I'll be saving a local copy to refer back to whenever i need cheering up!! :)

      Agreed. Smasung is really getting up Apples nose, they are one of only a handful of companies that has the money and tooling required to make their own bleeding edge devices.
      the control Apple had over manufacturing dried up a few years ago - this is clearly evident in the mobile arina and Apple will find it hard to control the market with Samsung around.
      This is good news to all of us who prefer options over dictation - but that is not to say that Apple will not continue to innovate.

        I agree with you for the most part, only issue i have is what was actualy the last thing apple made that was inovative?
        Im not trolling im actually curious as someone who constantly see's apple marketing being 3-5 year old technologies, what do they do thats inovative?
        hmmm maybe i've just answered my own question maybe the only inovative thing they do is create new ways to get the most from marketing hype.

    haha, there should be more apologies in the business world.

    Um.. Apple don't own so why post it there!!?!

      They do now, after 16 years...

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      Dont feed the troll

      Check this out - 1992

      Really? Tell me more. I am interested to learn where you have the physical evidence to substantiate these statements. A few links would be good so that we can all have a read and then make our own judgements on the matter.

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      actually microsoft came out with the idea back in the early 2000's but nobody cared

      They invented tablet computers? Well that'd have to involve a time machine... Which would've been a slightly more important invention. ;)

        damn... that is one well-fed troll. I bet he needs a nap now.

    Looks like they have to eat their humble (apple) pie =P
    This judge is awesome.

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    Judge burns are the best burns.

    Great decision, I hope it sticks!

    Easy. In true Apple style, turn it around. Put the judge's quote for a start.

    We at Apple would like to acknowledge that touchscreen tablets manufactured by Samsung are distinct from iPad...
    "They are not as cool." - Judge Colin Briss.

    Perhaps Apple could also post on its website, the report of the horrific embarrassment: when a Samsung attorney was asked by US District Judge Lucy Koh whether they could tell which tablet was which, what was the response? “Not at this distance, your honour.”'t%20tell%20difference&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CFYQFjAA&

    Funny how two different judges see things totally different. The UK judge a fandroid by any chance?

      As per the quoted block
      "A moment later, one of the lawyers supplied the right answer."

      It's not exactly hard to tell them apart anyway, thanks to the big-assed Apple on the back of the fruity one.

    Maybe apple can say sorry for the new iPad's battery life and the lack of file upload support in mobile safari at the same time.

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