Apple Ordered To Publicly Retract Samsung Copying Accusations

Remember the British judge who ruled that Samsung didn't copy Apple because the Galaxy Tab was "not as cool" as the iPad? He's now ordered Apple to publish notices saying that Samsung did not copy the iPad's design.

This is perhaps the most hilariously embarrassing thing a judge could order Apple to do. And it's not a joke! UK Judge Colin Birss has ordered Apple to post a notice on for six months that acknowledged Judge Birss's ruling that Samsung didn't copy Apple and also recant its accusations of Samsung stealing Apple designs in British newspapers and magazines. Could you even imagine a Sorry Samsung note on Apple's website?

As the court system works though, Apple will be able to appeal the order. And judging by the shameful punishment, Apple almost certainly will try to avoid any mention of Samsung on its own website by any means necessary. [AllThingsD]

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