Apple Just Got A Patent For A Dimension That Doesn't Even Exist Yet

Apple has just been granted a patent for 5D technology. Wait, what the hell? Has it traveled to the future and come back with something we don't know about yet? What advanced life forms are the suits in Cupertino communicating with?

Turns out 5D is essentially an agressive marketing ploy for a patent that has gigantic range of applications for watching TV, gaming, and more. Like a Disneyland ride on steroids, the system Apple proposes harnesses gesture-controlled gaming in the style of Kinect or Wii, video-conferencing, and virtual reality gloves for what could be a super-immersive home entertainment experience. The gloves, as described, could change their resistances to electromagnetic forces, heat, or air, and more. I'd be scared if I were the folks at Oblong right now.

The patent also covers tactile feedback technology -- meaning the ability to start a futuristic car or signal a device through a handprint instead of any sort of key or button. And in Apple's version of our 5D future, touchscreens don't necessarily need a capacitive panel; they could be pretty much any material.

What this broad-sweeping intellectual property grab would mean in terms of a real consumer product isn't exactly clear. But one thing's certain: Apple has entered the Matrix. [Patently Apple via CNET]



    What kind of a load of bullshit is this. I want to see a prototype of this working before getting this thing patented.

      Unfortunately for you, no one, and certainly not Apple, cares what you want or think at all.

    1: Create new idea
    2: Think of a funky name
    3: Find a related product with n number of D's
    4: Add n+1 D's to your product name
    5: ???
    6: Profit!
    7: Annoy anyone with any sense of what 3D / 4D / etc actually means...

      Absolutely, when I see people using the term 4D I keep thinking to myself 'Wrong wrong wrong wrong wronnnnnng'....

    Apple: people are catching on the our devices are overrated and our lawsuits lack credibility... I know, lets patent EVERYTHING - that way, if anyone invents anything before us, we can sue them..

    meanwhile: I'm going to patent a time machine, that way, when someone invents one, i can sue them, build my own time machine with the money, go back in time and patent the iPod, iPhone, iPad and mac - then return to 2012 and SUE SUE SUE!

      First prove your brilliance by inventing a working time machine, then come back and try to be the super hero you wish you were once more... #FAIL

        You'd have to assume then, that you will never create one, because you haven't come back to this timeline and would have already patented all the Apple products, assuming of course your name isn't Steve jobs.

    all of which has been done before. i think US patent law just looks after US companies.

    what a joke

      Examples?? Any proof? otherwise your a troll

        You are = you're

    American patents only last 20 years, so by time they actually start using the technology, everyone can use it

      Apple's screwed then when they try to sue someone for making this far into the future.

    Dont phone manufacturers add a G+1 to sell more devices?

    Lets take everyone elses ideas from every movie ever made and put a patent on it without actually building anything.... then we'll give it a name which implies it's futuristic even though the technology has existed seperately for 20 years.

    Like it was mentioned, this definitely seems like Apple seeing someone else creating something incredible (Oblong Industries) and patenting it so they can claim royalties down the track.

    'Suits in Cupertino', they wear suits in Cupertino? Not the Apple I worked for...

      I think it's a reference to the legal team which is clearly the
      most lucrative division in the company at the moment.

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