Apparently, The Death Star Was Destroyed 1500 Years Ago

This is U Camelopardalis, a carbon star 1500 light years away from Earth, in the constellation of the same name, near the North Celestial Pole. U Cam — as it is known — is at the end of its life, erupting layers of material from time to time:

Every few thousand years, U Cam coughs out a nearly spherical shell of gas as a layer of helium around its core begins to fuse. The gas ejected in the star's latest eruption is clearly visible in this picture as a faint bubble of gas surrounding the star.

So no, no proton torpedoes were involved in any of this.

Oh, and Hubble? I love you. [NASA]

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    Well it covers the long, long time ago.

    The question is, is it far, far away.

      "1500 light years away" sounds far, far away.

      Zzzz really blake? its 1500 light years away. that is how far light travels in a year DO THE MATHS!. trying to be clever with a star wars reference and failing.

      Yeah it's about 1500 light years away. So it is far far far far far away

        Yeah, but still in our galaxy - and wasn't Star Wars in "a galaxy far, far away"?

    I think the starwars refrencses are pathetic. To many of them. And most of them ar not even good.

      Plus, I don't think they used photon torpedoes in star wars, that was star trek.

        Which is probably why he said proton torpedoes instead.

          These are not the torpedoes you are looking for...

    1500 light years is far, far enough, don't you reckon?

      Not if you're travelling at warp 9.

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