Animated Prometheus Parody Exploits Film's Flaws For Comedy Gold

Prometheus may have had its day, but the parodies continue to come and will do so for some time. Well, until Ridley Scott decides to crank out another prequel and/or sequel. This one, courtesy of How It Should Have Ended (HISHE), examines a number of plot holes in the film's less than bullet-proof script, while also reinventing a few key scenes for comedic purposes.

To be honest, it's not as hilarious as the scientist training video we saw earlier this year, but it did highlight a couple of inconsistencies I didn't pick up on earlier, including how exactly two of the ship's crew members managed to lose their way, despite one of them being an expert in avoiding such a situation.

Sufficed to say, the video is spoiler central, so if you haven't seen the movie yet, consider this a warning.

[YouTube, via HISHE]


    Not as funny as HISHE - LOTR, but I'm pretty sure that's exactly how the film should have ended. But with Charlize running to the side, she was too badass to die like that.

    I thought that Prometheus began in the very early days as a prequel, but soon became a standalone storyline set in the same universe as Alien, but not actually a prequel at all. Ok, so just more confusion to get our heads around, but it at least explains why Prometheus doesn't tie into Alien.

    I normally love HISHE because they actually suggest a different
    ending. This was just lazily pointing out some of the obvious flaws
    in an otherwise quite decent film. Poor form guise.

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