Watch This Angry Guy Destroy A T-Mobile Store

Late last week we brought you the story of a Canberra man who chained himself to an Optus store counter over poor service. This video from the UK shows just how badly it could have gone, as we see a man completely trashing a T-Mobile store, pulling everything off of the walls before dousing it with a fire extinguisher.

It's been reported that the man who went to town on the store to the excitement of school kids capturing it on their phones (ironically), was apparently in response to not receiving a refund he felt was owed to him. Clearly, he feels that such an alleged injustice needs to be met with retaliation.

Whatever happened to trigger the man, someone needs to tell him that rioting in consumer goods stores is so last year. What? Too soon?

Nobody was hurt in the store raid and the video concludes with the man calmly being led away by Manchester police before a huge crowd. [The Consumerist via Boing Boing]

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