An Electric Bike That Looks Like A Harley

Electric vehicles -- from cars, to scooters, to bikes -- all feature fairly conservative designs. But that doesn't have to be the case, as the Marrs Cycles demonstrates with its beautiful M-1 e-bike that looks like a cross between an old-style bicycle and a modern Harley Davidson chopper.

With its smallest lithium battery pack the M-1 has a range of about 32 kilometres with a top speed of just over 30km/h. The bike could actually go faster than that, but it's hamstrung by US laws that limit the speeds of electric bicycles. And while the M-1 seems to be the perfect eco-friendly commuter, like the Segway, it's unfortunately burdened with an incredibly hefty price tag.

The bikes start at $US7,000 which can also get you a decent used car, so their popularity will probably be limited to eco-minded types with plenty of disposable income.

[Marrs Electric Cycle Co. via Gizmag]



    That looks nothing like a Harley?
    Looks like an old BSA or Indian though!

      Then you don't know harleys...its inspired by one. open your eyes...

    Make that "eco-minded types with plenty of disposable income who are on first-name terms with their local physio." That thing is almost a recumbent.

    don't be a hater chrisp, it looks awesome!

      Hater? Whaaa? By saying the geometry is so out there that anything more than a 10 minute power-assisted pedal to get your soy-macchiato is going to leave you walking like a Thunderbird puppet for the rest of the day? Ok, bloke. Guess I'm a hater.
      But I agree. That frame shurre is purdy. It reminds me of the old turn-of-the-century machines that were little more than a bicycle frame with an internal-combustion engine stuck in the middle. When my lotto numbers come up I'm buying two. Right after my three Bugatti Veyrons. And half a dozen Gummi Bear ice trays.

    it does look cool. curbs might be a problem tho. road and ramp bike only.

    The style of motorbike they are replicating with this bike is the board racer. very popular with HD, Indian etc in the 1920's. With the only noticeable difference I can see being the height of the handle bars (board racers had very low bars ).
    I wouldn't compare this bike to a chopper, as they by definition are generally long and stretched out.
    not being a smart arse but I'm a bit particular with my bikes.

    Carry on...

    The bikes are only governed by speed when sold within the U.S.

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