An Electric Bike That Looks Like A Harley

Electric vehicles — from cars, to scooters, to bikes — all feature fairly conservative designs. But that doesn't have to be the case, as the Marrs Cycles demonstrates with its beautiful M-1 e-bike that looks like a cross between an old-style bicycle and a modern Harley Davidson chopper.

With its smallest lithium battery pack the M-1 has a range of about 32 kilometres with a top speed of just over 30km/h. The bike could actually go faster than that, but it's hamstrung by US laws that limit the speeds of electric bicycles. And while the M-1 seems to be the perfect eco-friendly commuter, like the Segway, it's unfortunately burdened with an incredibly hefty price tag.

The bikes start at $US7,000 which can also get you a decent used car, so their popularity will probably be limited to eco-minded types with plenty of disposable income.

[Marrs Electric Cycle Co. via Gizmag]

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